How To Unpair Bluetooth Speaker Without Phone: 3 Steps

The fact that you can listen to music through Bluetooth is no longer really innovative. You can do this now. However, not very long ago, it served no use other than to provide as a method for connecting your headphones to your device.

Since that time, the method in which we experience things has been elevated to an entirely new level, particularly since Bluetooth speakers were easily available to everyone. This connectivity technology allowed people to share their favourite songs with their friends and family once it became widespread and altered previously solitary listening sessions on headphones.

Bluetooth speakers have made it possible for us to listen to music regardless of where we are by requiring only a few simple steps to connect, also known as “pair,” mobiles, tablets, notebooks, desktops, and even other devices. But what do you do if the Bluetooth speaker won’t allow you unpair your device even when you want to?

In this post, we will lead you through ways to accomplish the disconnection of Bluetooth speakers, also known as unpairing, in three different procedures that won’t even require your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or personal computer to complete.

What Do You Mean by the Term “Bluetooth Speakers”?

The innovation of the Bluetooth sharing system caught the entire technology world off guard when it was originally introduced. It made it feasible to send and receive files without the need for any kind of cable connection.

Your files appeared on the phone of your coworker seemingly out of thin air, and the song that you and your friend used to like listening to together might be emailed to each other in a matter of seconds. The best part is that you didn’t even need to use any of your internet data to achieve it!

These days, Bluetooth speakers are compatible with just much any other device that has the same connectivity capability. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are some of the most frequent examples of devices that have this feature.

The Bluetooth technology, while convenient and free of charge, is not without its drawbacks. It’s possible that the signal won’t be as strong or reliable as a link to an online network. That application, along with others running on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop, can interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

In any event, the data interchange has been halted and will need to be reestablished from the very beginning. It would appear that the only significant disadvantage of using Bluetooth to exchange files is that it does not provide a reliable connection.

If, on the other hand, all you want to do is listen to music on your Bluetooth speaker, whether you’re by yourself or with the people you care about, the experience is getting better all the time. Bluetooth speakers are the ones responsible for supplying the daily dose of music in a number of new locations because they have new connections that are more stable.

How to Disconnect a Bluetooth Speaker Without the Need for the Phone

Bluetooth speakers now come with casings that are waterproof, so you can take them swimming with you. Even if your smartphone, tablet, or laptop may be damaged if exposed to water, you can still listen to music on them while you swim if you simply keep them within range.

What should you do, though, if you want to disconnect your device from the Bluetooth speaker but you do not want to leave the swimming pool in order to do so? Or perhaps a good friend of yours has just shown up with the newest CD by your favourite band, or he or she has brought that amazing playlist that you listened to at the club the other night?

There is no need to worry because you will not be need to exit the swimming pool in order to retrieve your gadget, nor will you be required to cast your Bluetooth speaker so far away from the device that the connection will be severed. It is possible to do so through the speaker itself, and doing so is straightforward!

Unpairing your Bluetooth speaker is possible, and it doesn’t even require you to touch your phone in the process. Oh, hold on, there are actually three of them! Check them out as we take you step by step through the process of how to unpair your device utilising only the speaker!

Remove the Bluetooth speaker from your device without using it first.

Remove the Bluetooth speaker from your device without using it first.

Any previous connection to the Bluetooth speaker will be totally severed if the device is reset to its factory settings. A Bluetooth connection will be severed if it is disrupted for an excessively extended length of time. Bluetooth is a technology that relies on the ongoing transmission of signals in order to function properly.

Because of this, you do not actually require a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop in order to de-pair electronic devices from a Bluetooth speaker. Simply carry out a factory reset, and then you are free to connect the speaker to any other device you choose.

A beneficial aspect of performing a factory reset is that it purges the list of associated devices. This ensures that the device will not make any attempts to automatically reconnect to the most recent paired device. You will feel as if you have only recently purchased it and are putting it to use for the very first time.

But how exactly do you reset the device to factory settings? There aren’t any buttons that appear to state anything like that, am I missing something?

To turn off the majority of electronic devices, all you have to do is press and keep your finger on the power button for 10 to fifteen seconds. On certain other models, there will be a button labelled “Bluetooth” that you need to push and maintain pressure on.

Additionally, there are some additional ones that need both buttons to be pressed and held down at the same time in order to proceed. In any case, there is no need for complicated or advanced technological steps to be taken.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Resetting A Bluetooth Speaker:

What To Do If You Need To Reset Your Bluetooth Speaker

As was just discussed, resetting a Bluetooth speaker to its factory settings can be accomplished in one of three very straightforward ways. However, the process can be somewhat more challenging for certain types of gadgets. In the event that you own one of these speakers that is not so simple to reset, all you need to do is follow the three actions that are presented here to get it functioning as if it were turned on for the first time.

It is imperative that your Bluetooth speaker be turned on. It is imperative that your Bluetooth speaker be turned on.

First things first, you’ll need to find your Bluetooth speaker and make sure it’s turned on; otherwise, the unpairing process won’t work at all. Because the speaker is going through the process of cleaning itself, it will require power.

De-pair all devices that were previously connected by yourself:
Remove all pairings from devices that were previously connected by yourself.

Second, you will have to unpair any and all devices that were previously paired with the Bluetooth speaker before proceeding. Gladly it does not require much to accomplish so.

If your mobile device runs the Android operating system, all you need to do to find a list of linked devices is open the Bluetooth settings by swiping the screen down and pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for a few seconds.

Simply select the “unpair” option by clicking on the speaker’s name and then following the prompts that appear on the screen. Users of iOS will be required to navigate to the Bluetooth settings, locate the device on the list, and then click on it. In order to successfully complete the procedure of unpairing, it is necessary to first pick the option that reads “forget the device.”

Now press and maintain pressure on the Power and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously:
Now, simultaneously press and hold the buttons labelled “Power” and “Bluetooth” on your device.

After you have successfully completed the previous two stages, you should get your Bluetooth speaker and locate the controls for turning it on and connecting it to Bluetooth. Maintain pressure on both of the buttons for approximately ten to fifteen seconds. That ought to be sufficient to reset the factory settings on your Bluetooth speaker.

The Closing Statement

If you follow all of the steps in the procedure, your Bluetooth speaker should be able to pair with other devices once more. You might notice that the connection takes a little bit more time the first time you try to use it; however, this is because the speaker and the device are simply accumulating information in order to make future connections more quickly.

The procedures that we have outlined for you today have been tried and proven to be effective one hundred percent of the time. We sincerely hope that this guide was informative and that you were able to successfully reset your Bluetooth speaker to factory settings without too much trouble.