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How to Connect Apple TV To Internet?


How To Connect Apple TV To WiFi Without Remote?

Apple TV is now a central part of every home, especially for those who enjoy entertainment. Because of the smart features, users can connect to the internet and access online programs.

People often ask how to connect Apple TV and Wi-Fi with no remote. Wi-Fi is vital, of course! We are happy to share the following instructions with you if you’re in the same boat.

How to connect Apple TV to WiFi without a Remote?

First Method

Let’s tell you, it can be difficult to connect Apple TV to a wireless network without a remote. You won’t be able to use the remote to add Wi-Fi login credentials. If you have iOS 9 or higher, the Wi-Fi password, password, and Apple ID can be shared with the Apple TV.

To accomplish this, turn on Wi-Fi or¬†Bluetooth. Next, turn on the Apple TV. Once the screen appears, you will need to touch the box with your iOS device (yes, that’s the Apple TV one). You will then be able to access the Wi-Fi connection via the new instructions that will appear on both the screen and the devices.

Second Method

You don’t need the Apple TV remote to control your Apple TV. The standard TV remote can be used to add Wi-Fi network details and control the Apple TV. You can use the standard TV remote to control Apple TV. Follow the steps below.

  • First, find the correct TV remote. It must have directional buttons.
  • Connect your Apple TV to an Ethernet cable. Open the General tab in the settings. Next, tap on Remotes using the control center of your iPhone.
  • Tap the “learn remotely” button and follow the instructions on-screen
  • After the instructions have been completed, disconnect the Ethernet cable and turn on Wi-Fi via your standard TV remote. You can continue using the standard remote to control the Apple TV, as well as navigate the Internet from the Apple TV once it is connected.

Third Method

This third method is for those who do not want to purchase a new remote but still use an iPhone. We will show you how to use your iPhone to control Apple TV, and then connect it to the wireless network. It can also be done by using the remote control in the control center. We will show you how to use the iPhone as a remote control in the section below.

  • Apple TV controls can be used if your iPhone runs iOS 12 or higher, or if your iPad has iPadOS 13. If you don’t see the remote control on your iPhone, or if the iPad is running iOS 12 or higher, you can add controls to Apple TV from the Settings.
  • After you have added the remote icon to your control center, swipe up, open the control center, and then tap the remote option to open the Apple TV remote.
  • Switch on your Apple TV now and use ethernet for an internet connection
  • Next, configure Wi-Fi. Open the settings and choose the Wi-Fi network tab. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the setup. You might need to enter your PIN for your iPad or iPhone as the last step.

Fourth Method

This method allows you to connect your Apple TV directly to Wi-Fi using the remote interface. The large touch screen on the Apple TV allows you to navigate and choose apps from the list and other lists. You can activate Siri by tapping the mic button, or you can use volume buttons to control volume.

You can also use the Bluetooth keyboard to enter your Wi-Fi password. The Bluetooth keyboard can also be connected to and configured for the Apple TV. Once the keyboard has been configured, you will need to enter your password for the Wi-Fi connection to be established.


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