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How To Change Area Code On Playstation Vue?


If you get a notification about a new area being added to your local area while streaming on PlayStation Vue, it is necessary that you update your home address. How can you do this?

No matter what your device is, you can fix the PlayStation Vue error. Change your locationPlayStation offers this tool.

We offer alternative solutions to this method, in case it doesn’t work every time.

Vue has five options to alter the location and appearance of your home

Method 1: Update your application

Sony has released an update to PlayStation Vue that allows users to stream content anywhere in America. You may be able update your app to fix the problem if the error still occurs regarding the location.

This will only be necessary if you have a zip code. This is necessary to identify your home. You can stream only from your home for 59 consecutive days. You will be notified that your account must then be signed in again.

Method 2: Fix your location

PlayStation developed Fix Your Location in order to assist users with correcting location errors. It can be used on your smartphone or computer.

Requirements for Fix Your Location

  • A Wi-Fi connection.
  • You should disable your VPN

How to locate your location on Vue

These steps will allow you to reset or change your Vue location.

  • PlayStation Vue is available on your computerBrowseAndSign inTo your account
  • Click here to submit you name of the account selectYou will find the option in upper-right corner. Settings
  • Go to manage your Subscription>Summary of Subscription
  • ClickChange your location follow the prompts

Method 3: Connect to the main router

If you use a secondary router, the PS Vue will display the “location error”. The error occurs most likely because PS Vue detects the IP of the second device as a different location.

Connecting your device to the router will fix this problem. Similar errors can be caused by hotspots.

Method 4: Disable your VPN

Make sure your VPN is turned off before streaming local channels on PlayStation Vue. The VPN is typically used to modify the device’s geographic location and display content in that region.

PS Vue detects your true location to deliver the correct content.

Method 5: Contact PlayStation Vue support

If none of these fixes seems to work, get in touch with the PS support, either through their official website or social media.

Is it possible that PS Vue can be viewed remotely?

Yes. Yes. PlayStation Vue can be streamed from up to three devices outside your home. PlayStation Vue cannot be streamed from outside your home network.

You can still watch sports on your local channel if you’re a sports fan.

PS Vue cannot be viewed from outside your home network for the first 59 day. After the 60th day, you will be asked for a login from your home in order to continue viewing.

Is it possible to view PlayStation Vue while on the move?

Yes. Yes. You can still access your PS Vue My Shows from anywhere. You can add shows to your library and access on-demand programming.

However, it is not possible to record any content specific for the area you’re visiting.

It’s there. There are several ways to fix the PlayStation Vue error location.

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