4 Ways To Get Wireless Internet for Truckers

You may be able to recall the Citizen’s Band radio (CB) era. This means that truck drivers are familiar with the concept of networking. Truck drivers communicated using a CB radio long before the internet became available. CB radios were a popular way for car owners to connect with truck drivers in the 1970s. You had a handle instead of the user name you use on the Internet. This was used to identify yourself when you were using CB radio communications.

Truckers used CB radios for communication within a convoy and to make friends and to communicate with other truckers about the weather, road conditions, best places to stop, and any other information that could be gleaned by networking with another truck driver.

How has high-speed Internet access changed the truck driving business? What are the best ways for truck drivers to access and use the wireless Internet?

Drivers of trucks can access wireless internet via their mobile devices

There are many options for truck drivers on the road who need wireless Internet access. Here are some methods truck drivers use for accessing the Internet.

  • WiFi Truck Stops: Most truck stops have wireless Internet, regardless of whether they are in high-traffic areas or remote locations. You can connect wirelessly to the Internet via a satellite connection, DSL, or 4G depending on where you are located. Truck drivers can access the Internet at almost every stop, which allows them to communicate with their company. Many truck drivers make use of the wireless Internet at truck stops to send documents to their company, communicate to shipping and receiving sources, or file any other documentation while on the road.
  • WiFi-Enabled Mobile Devices Truck drivers can also use their mobile devices to access the Internet while they are on the road. Some companies will provide you with a mobile 3G device, but truck drivers can connect to the Internet using their devices. A MiFi router is available to connect two drivers hauling the same load. This will cost an additional monthly fee through your mobile phone provider.
  • Direct satellite: Truck drivers may be provided with a direct connection to high-speed broadband internet by some companies. You can connect to the wireless Internet connection that is provided by your company. It works like this: The company forms a strategic partnership with the satellite Internet provider, which allows employees to have access to the wireless Internet while on the road. Truck drivers receive the service for an agreed-upon amount from the Internet provider and trucking company.
  • Truck drivers can also access public WiFi, depending on where they are located. You don’t have to stop at a truck stop to get wireless Internet. Instead, you can stop anywhere there is public WiFi to connect to the Internet with your mobile device.

Before wireless internet, truck drivers communicated with each other via their CB radios or paid a fee at truck stops to use a phone line. They were then connected to the Internet through a slow dial-up connection. This created many problems when communicating with the trucking company and forwarded documentation.

How wireless internet has changed the trucking industry

Increased access to wireless Internet has had a profound impact on the trucking industry. It has also made truck driving more enjoyable for drivers who spend a lot of time on the road with little social interaction. Let’s first look at the impact wireless Internet has had on the trucking industry.

  • Communication: Truck drivers were able to communicate with shortwave radios and CB radios, but the conversations were often very brief making it difficult for fleet communications staff to make informed decisions. Because they can transmit important data back to the fleet control center regularly, truck drivers have become an important part of the communication chain. This allows accurate GPS fleet tracking, which is transmitted back via a website. This makes fleet management more efficient and precise.
  • Road and Weather: Truck drivers can use real-time reporting to keep track of road conditions, including inclement weather, delays caused by accidents or construction sites, as well as other dangerous conditions that could delay or threaten the driver, truck, or contents. Companies save money by not having to pay for hazardous conditions. This helps keep drivers safe.
  • Compliance updates: Truck drivers can now stay up to date with all the latest compliance information. Instead of relying solely on hearsay, reliable resources can be accessed that will help you stay informed about important changes. These updates are directly provided by authoritative agencies like the Comprehensive Safety Analysis or other government agencies that monitor the transport of goods around the world.

The availability of wireless Internet allows truck drivers to have a better experience on the road. There are many options to keep connected via wireless Internet, so you don’t have to drive for long distances without someone to talk to.

  • Joining Social Networking for Truckers – There are many online places where truck drivers can communicate, such as chat rooms, forums, and other resources that allow them to do so. Truck drivers no longer have to communicate only via the CB radio. You can now communicate with multiple people simultaneously about truck driving news, road conditions, and any other issues related to your profession.
  • : To communicate with family and friends while you’re away, you can use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This uses a high-speed wireless Internet connection and programs like Skype. This allows you to communicate with your family and friends face-to-face while on the move.
  • Networking With Other Professionals – You can network with potential employers, connect in professional trucking forums and keep up to date with the latest developments within the truck driving profession through the many professional networking websites online. LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to stay in touch with potential employers and other professionals.

Wireless Internet for truckers has made the truck the driver’s office, giving them a greater chance to be more productive than ever before. Wireless Internet is the newest friend of truckers for staying connected on the road.

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