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How Do I Set Up Scan To Email On My Hp Printer?


How Do I Set Up Scan To Email On My Hp Printer? – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to Send Email From HP Printers through Gmail?

There is a feature on our HP printer called ‘Send to Email.’ You can email a document that has been scanned. What a basic function for the twenty-first century! But I’m having trouble putting it up, and its success appears to have come at the expense of my email security. To make it work, I had to enable ‘Allow less secure app’ in my Gmail account settings!
This gave me conflicting sentiments. Why is it so difficult to implement such a fundamental feature? But it also provides me a sense of security. Even if a third-party program has my password, I can restrict it from sending emails on my behalf.
I began by following the instructions on the HP Printer, which directed me to a website. (If your printer does not allow this, you can get the web port URL by printing out the printer’s configuration page.)

I was using Chrome, but when I tried to get into a page that required admin access, it gave me an ‘insecure’ warning. So I went to Safari, which worked perfectly.

There is an Email to Print setup section on the website.

Setting up an HP printer to send emails

  • What are the options for SMTP Server and SMTP Port? There are three choices, according to this Google article:
  • Send mail from your organization using the G Suite SMTP relay service by authenticating with IP addresses. You have the ability to send messages to anyone within or outside your domain.
  • Send email to anyone inside or outside your domain using Gmail’s SMTP server. You must use your Gmail or G Suite account and password to access this option.
  • Gmail SMTP server with restrictions – only sends messages to Gmail or G Suite users. You do not need to authenticate for this option.

Gmail SMTP Configuration

I tried the suggested SMTP relay method, but it didn’t work. When I ran a test, it kept telling me that my username and password were incorrect.

The following configuration worked for me:

However, there is one more caveat. When I tried to send an email, it didn’t go through, and Gmail issued me a security alert: Review rejected the sign-in attempt.

Examine the failed sign-in attempt.

I have to enable ‘Allow less secure apps in my Gmail Account settings to allow the email to go through.

In Gmail’s settings, enable the option to “allow less secure apps.”

Finally, my printer sent me an email!

Through Gmail, I received my first email from HP Printer.

Google Technical Support deserves credit for assisting me with this. Their customer service is fantastic! Allowing the less secure app may be the only way to get this to work with Gmail, they said.

On a side note, if you have Two-Step Verification activated for your Gmail account (which means it will ask for a verification number from your phone/other emails when you log in on a new device), HP Send to Email may not work.

I eventually opted to disable the Send to Email function. Allowing less secure apps access to my account makes me nervous. It could expose my account to phishing and other security flaws.

Is it necessary for security to come at the expense of convenience? Is my concern about security concerns exaggerated?



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