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How Can I Scan Pictures Onto My Computer?


How to Scan Documents or Photos in Windows 10?

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In Windows 10, there are several options for scanning a document or photograph. You may be asking yourself, “Who needs to scan items in this digital era?” Unfortunately, paper is still the preferred or default format in some situations. Banking and government records for taxes, for example, still arrive in a paper format my residence – ick.

I’ll go over a couple of different ways to scan a document with a real scanner or the free Office Lens software for Windows 10 in this article. Who wants to be buried behind a mass of unsearchable paper records, after all?

Windows 10 – Scan Documents, Business Cards, or Photos using a Scanner

Even in 2017, the quality of a specialist document or flatbed scanner is difficult to match. Prices on Amazon range from $50 to $400 based on features, speed, and other factors… Stick with large companies like Canon, Epson, or Brother if you want advice. You should be alright if you go for a product with the most reviews and a high Amazon rating (4+ stars). So, now that you’ve set up your printer and configured it to work with Windows 10, it’s time to start scanning!

The built-in scan function in Windows 10 can be accessed via the printer context menu.

  • Click Start, then type devices and printer into the search box.
  • Start scanning by right-clicking your scanner or printer and selecting Start Scan.

Users can preview the document, choose a color type (color or black and white), modify brightness, pick the proper resolution, and even save it in JPEG, PDF, or PNG format using the options on the screen. After examining the document, click Scan if you are satisfied with the results.

  • Make your options, then click Preview to double-check that everything is in order before clicking Scan.
  • Add a few tags to your scanned document after giving it a name to make it easier to find later. Import should be selected.
  • In most cases, your scanned document can be located in the Pictures folder of the scanned files folder.

Microsoft is gradually depreciating pieces of the classic desktop with each new version of Windows 10, and the built-in scan application could be the next to go. Windows Scan is a new universal software from Microsoft that you can get from the Windows Store.

The Windows Scan app, depending on when you’re reading this, might be the best spot to start scanning paper documents or images. You might already have it installed if you upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8. Consequently, I had to uninstall the software from my Windows 10 machine and reinstall it from the Windows Store. During the Windows 8 to 10 upgrade, something must have gone wrong.

The User Interface of Scanner

The user interface is eerily similar to that of the old scanning program. Before scanning the final document, you can preview it, crop it, modify the resolution, choose appropriate file formats, and store it in a specific spot.

Click Scan when you’re ready, then review the scanned paper.

Scan Documents, Business Cards or Photos or Whiteboards using a Mobile Phone

Many individuals no longer buy scanners, even though they were previously quite popular. Microsoft also has a great mobile app called Office Lens, so don’t worry. Although we’ve talked extensively about the iPhone/iPad version, it also works great on Android.

The Office Lens app swiftly and effortlessly scans pictures, whiteboards, business cards, and documents.

It works seamlessly with other Microsoft products like as OneDrive, Word, and OneNote.

It’s easy to use: open Office Lens, touch the scanner tab and then select the type of information you want to scan. When a document is recognized, Office Lens optimizes its settings and creates a frame around it.

To capture the file, press the camera button, then preview it and make any necessary edits, such as cropping or storing it in the proper format.

After you’ve scanned your document, you may do things like adding a label, crop it, remove it, or save it for use in OneNote, OneDrive, Word, or PowerPoint. All of these programs are included in Microsoft 365’s Office package.


So there you have it: a look at scanning documents and photographs in both old and new versions of Windows 10. If you want the highest quality, I must concede that scanning papers using a dedicated flatbed scanner is still the best option. However, the ease and quickness of a mobile device combined with Onedrive are difficult to top. Sure, the quality may not be as nice, but in most circumstances, it well enough.


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