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6 Ways To Fix Cox Homelife Camera Not Working

Cox offers many products and services, including the Homelife camera. Users can use Homelife cameras to set video recording rules, take photos, and view live video clips. This helps to keep track of whereabouts. If the Cox Homelife camera is not working, there are several ways to fix it.

How to Fix a Cox Homelife Camera That Doesn’t Work?

1. Wireless Strength

To work correctly, the Cox Homelife cameras require strong wireless signal strength. This means that it is important to inspect the environment between the camera and the security router, including microwaves, refrigerators, TVs, mirrors, and refrigerators. Remove any obstacles that could cause interference to wireless signal.

You could also confirm the network configuration as it is essential for proper functionality and connectivity. The third thing to remember is not to place the touchscreen directly on the router or other wireless devices. You can also try to move the Homelife camera.

2. Power

It’s obvious that Homelife cameras require power in order to function properly. Make sure the camera is connected to power. Check the power sockets and sources. After optimizing the power sources, you can retest your Homelife camera. The green lights must be turned on to turn the camera on.

If you’re inserting the card into the GFI socket, it will be reset. You could also try connecting the Homelife cam to an electrical device. The Homelife camera will likely start working once you have optimized the power source and the connectivity to the power supply.

3. Face of Camera

Dust is the greatest enemy to Homelife camera functionality. Because dust and debris can cause functionality problems. Clean the camera’s face with a clean cloth. After cleaning the camera’s face and any ports, you can check it again to make sure it works as it did before.

4. Reposition

Your Homelife camera will stop working if it isn’t properly positioned. The Homelife camera should not be placed in direct sunlight. You should also avoid placing the camera in areas where shadows could be cast. It will be optimally functional once the camera has been repositioned in the correct location.

5. Rules

There are likely to be an error in your rules setting that is causing the functionality problems. Sign in to Homelife and then go to the rules menu. Next, you will need to modify the rules by going to the square adjustment. You can also check when and where the Homelife camera is working.

6. Motion Sensitivity

Incorrect motion sensitivity settings can cause malfunctions in the Homelife camera. Sign in to the Homelife app, then open the Manage Devices option. Next, select the camera option and click the edit button. This tab allows you to adjust the camera sensitivity according to the requirements of the camera functionality.


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