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HDMI MHL vs ARC: What’s The Difference?

First and foremost, you need to understand what an HDMI connector is utilised for. The HDMI connector is a high-definition multimedia port that can be used for the transmission of both video and audio content. Modern televisions are equipped with a plethora of interface choices for connecting to various devices. HDMI RCA, HDMI MHL, and HDMI SDB are all available connections for your television. The HDMI DVI port can also be used to connect your TV to the computer.



You should have a good understanding of the HDMI port by now, as it is one of the most commonly utilised ports for playing various types of videos. However, there are several other types of HDMI ports, one of which being the HDMI ARC connector, which you may or may not be familiar with. There have been various revisions made to the HDMI port, which is why we offer several distinct varieties available for purchase. Some improvements and extensions have been introduced as a result of the technology, such as in HTML ARC. Generally speaking, this sort of HDMI port is referred regarded as the conventional HDMI port.

In general, HDMI is capable of transmitting basic data such as digital audio and any video material, including 3D video. The finer points of the HDMI port’s operation and performance can be covered in greater depth later.

The ARC HDMI port is sometimes referred to as the Audio Return Channel port. The audio signal can be transmitted in both directions, specifically forward, using the ARC HDMI connector on the television. An example of an HDMI RCA port is a Blu Ray player that connects to your AV receiver via the HDMI port and can output audio and video to your TV screen via the HDMI port. In addition, some TV makers only make one port of the ARC HDMI cable, which might be frustrating.

This port allows you to capture the signal and send it out to the speakers via an HDMI cable that is linked to the computer’s speakers. However, the sound that is delivered to the speaker is in an uncompressed format, which is the only one that is stereo in nature. Only the 5.1 sound format is capable of transmitting the compressed data format. Although the new HDMI 2.1 standards allow for a higher quality of sound to be delivered, the older HDMI 1.0 standards are still in use.

The HDMI connector is equipped with Steel compatibility, as well as the ability to output compressed 5.1 audio formats. The audio bandwidth that can be delivered through the HDMI ARC connector is one megabit per second at its highest possible setting. It includes an optional lip-sync correcting feature.


This HDMI port is referred to as MHL, which stands for Mobile High Definition Link, and it may be used to link your television to your smartphone’s screen. It has been specifically built to be compatible with your smartphones, tablets, and other small mobile devices, among other things. You can link your television to your smartphone and use your phone to display your television in any picture or movie that you choose. It comes with a connector or port that may be used to connect to the HDMI interface on your television, and the other end has a USB port that can be used to connect to your smartphone. MHL port was discontinued by Nokia, Samsung, Toshiba, Soni, and Silicon Image in 2010, however it has since re-emerged on the market and has become quite popular among consumers. In contrast to all of the other types of HDMI, an MHL connector is not restricted to a single device or port.

This is a one-way connection, and you will be unable to manage your smartphone from your television because this option just allows you to display content from your smartphone on your television screen. Using the passive table, on the other hand, can allow you to operate your smartphone from your television. Furthermore, if your TV does not have an HDMI connector, you can use an active adaptor in conjunction with a power supply to connect your smartphone to the television. This connector allows you to transport both high-definition video and compressed 7.1-channel audio simultaneously. However, while it appears to be identical to the HDMI to USB interface, an MHL HDMI cable performs far better when it comes to performance.

We hope that this article has been helpful in finding and understanding the differences between HDMI MHL and HDMI to RCA cable. Clearly, the two of them are employed for entirely distinct goals. However, you must make an informed decision on which cable to choose based on the application. You may use these cables to stream content from your favourite applications, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, to your television screen.


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