Hacker Is Tracking You Message: What To Do About It?

Although the internet is an indisputable part of our daily lives, hacking and internet breaches have become all too regular. Some smartphone users worry about the “hacker is tracking you” notification for the same reason, but there’s no need to be concerned because we have everything you need to know about this message!

Hacker Is Tracking You Message – What To Do About It?

The majority of the time, these notifications and pop-ups are useless, and this one is no exception. It’s best if you ignore them because no one is monitoring your phone. There are, however, a few things you should be aware of:

Never touch or tap this pop-up notification since it will lead your browser to open an endless number of tabs.
Moving the phone and positioning it in a vertical orientation should help you delete the message.
Look for the grey area at the top of the screen (it should resemble the browser address bar) and tap it.
Simply swipe to the left to dismiss the message, and the pop-up will be removed.
These simple procedures will assist you in eliminating pop-up messages, and you will not be required to interact with them or endure the repercussions as a result. The only thing you should avoid doing is tapping on the pop-up (yes, even the cross sign or exit button). Furthermore, if the pop-up comes when you are exploring a new website, it is likely that the website is harmful, and you should not visit it again.

Is your phone being hacked?

The notification “Hacker is tracking you” does not imply that you are at risk of a security breach. However, if you want to be certain, there are some indications that should indicate whether or not the phone is being hacked. We’ll go over some of the symptoms in the section below, such as;

When a phone gets hacked, the charging begins to drain more quickly than usual. This is due to the fact that fraud apps and malware attacks can waste a lot of power.
The poor performance of your smartphone is the second sign that your phone is being hacked. Because when the phone’s security is hacked, the phone’s processing power is used up, you may encounter app crashes and freezes.
You’ll notice odd activity on your internet accounts if a hacker has gained access to your phone. You can double-check your social media accounts and your email for password resets and new account logins to be sure.
The majority of the time, hackers tap phones using the SMS trojan, which allows them to send SMS and make calls through your phone while impersonating themselves (and you won’t even know). So, go through your phone’s text messages and call history to see if there are any messages or calls that you didn’t create.
If none of these signs are present on your phone but the message still shows, the pop-up is harmless. Simply swipe left to dismiss it, and you’re done!

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