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3 Ways To Fix Slow Internet On Google WiFi

The majority of corporations have been working on developing small mesh systems that would allow customers to connect all of their devices and electric appliances to one another in order to improve their overall experience. Even your refrigerator, speaker, lights, mobile phones, and other similar items fall into this category. You can then operate all of these gadgets from your computer or mobile device by simply connecting it to the same Wi-Fi network as all of your other devices, which is free.

In this regard, the Google Wi-Fi gadget is one example of a similar device. You may use this to not only transmit the signals of your internet connection across your home like a router, but you can also use it as a modem. However, it should be used in conjunction with other items from the company. Furthermore, some Google Wi-Fi users have complained that their devices are experiencing poor internet speeds as a result of this. You may also be experiencing this issue; in light of this, the following are some steps you can take to resolve it.

Slow Internet On Google WiFi

Google WiFi has sluggish internet speeds.
Examine your Internet connection.
Your internet connection should be checked as a first step, as described above. The reason for this is that, because the Google Wi-Fi system does not supply its own internet, users must connect their devices to the ISP they are currently using in order to gain access to the system’s Wi-Fi capabilities. This means that if you are experiencing poor internet speeds, it is possible that the problem is with your connection.

You may verify this by running a speed test on your internet connection. Many different types of speed tests are available for people to check out on the internet. All of these are completely free, and you can even download an application for each of them to use on your smartphone or tablet. Running them should provide you with all of the information you need about your connection. Make certain, however, that you are using a wired connection or that you are standing near the Wi-Fi system when you are conducting the test.

Now, instead of connecting your device to your Google Wi-Fi device, connect your device to your modem and perform the test again as described above. You can then compare the results obtained from these two devices in order to determine the source of the problem.

Restart the Google Wi-Fi service.
The fact that the speed of your Google Wi-Fi is slower than the speed you receive while connecting to it directly indicates that there is a problem with your device. It is possible that it has been running for a lengthy period of time, which normally causes devices to slow down and experience problems. You can simply resolve this issue by restarting your device on your computer. Switch off the gadget using the power button that is located on it; turning off the device’s main power will not accomplish the task. Now, turn off your smartphone for a few minutes before turning it back on.

This will give it ample time to clear out all of the cache memory on its system. It should be possible for your gadget to function normally once its lights have returned to a stable state. As a side note, you should maintain a wired connection between the computer and the modem. It also makes the connection incredibly stable, and the speeds won’t fluctuate erratically as a result.

Make sure you pick a high-quality ethernet cable as well when selecting an ethernet cable to use. These will transport data between them more quickly and will last you for a longer period of time than the majority of cables.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Change
If the speed test reveals that you are receiving the same speed on both of your devices, you should compare this to the package of connection you are currently using to make your decision. If this is also the case, you will need to improve your bandwidth plan immediately. You can either contact or text your Internet service provider to request that they adjust your bundle. After then, make certain that you choose a data plan with a higher bandwidth than your prior one. The company should be able to quickly and easily replace your current plan with the new one if need be. One thing to keep in mind is that depending on your Internet service provider, they may change quickly or may take several days to update.

This is why you shouldn’t be concerned about it and but instead wait patiently. However, if you have any further questions, you can get in touch with your ISP once again. It is possible that your service providers will be unable to supply you with faster speeds in some instances. This is dependent on the area in which you live. However, if this occurs, you can try to find a different ISP that may provide a better internet plan that is more suitable for your needs. Finally, it is generally a good idea to conduct some preliminary research before selecting an Internet service provider.


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