4 Ways To Fix Fix Google Voice Couldn’t Place Your Call

Google is without a doubt one of the tech behemoths that provides a plethora of services for free, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the largest tech business in the world, given its contributions to such a varied range of industries and technological advances.

Despite the fact that Google is doing an admirable job of making these technologies accessible to everyone, a large number of their applications and services are available for free, which is likely one of the key reasons for the rapid growth that has been observed.

A service like Google Voice, which provides call forwarding, voicemail, voice calling, and text messaging services to customers with Google Accounts is one example of a Google service that is being supplied to Google Account Customers. Best of all, any calls made through the internet are completely free of charge. You may, however, be charged for calls that you make over a telecommunications carrier network while utilising the Google Voice service.

It is therefore an extremely usable software for the vast majority of people out there, and millions of people use Google Voice every hour, making millions of calls. The software and its system are both excellent, and you will not have to deal with any troubles of any kind when using the application to its full potential. However, if you are receiving the error notice “Google Voice Couldn’t Place Your Call,” it may be inconvenient, but it is simple to resolve in a few simple steps, which are as follows:

How Do You Resolve the Google Voice Couldn’t Place Your Call Error?
1. Verify that the network is operational.

You must first check that your phone or the device that you are using for Google Voice has the appropriate internet or telecom provider coverage before proceeding with the troubleshooting routine that will follow. It is rather straightforward; for the most part, all calls are placed over the internet, and when the internet is not accessible, Google Voice uses the mobile carrier network to place the calls.

To begin, you must check your Wi-Fi connection to ensure that not only is your phone linked to the correct Wi-Fi network, but that it is also receiving adequate internet coverage through that Wi-Fi network. You may test it out by launching another application that requires an internet connection and seeing if everything is working properly for you. If everything is operating well, you can go to the next stage in the troubleshooting process. However, if it is not functioning properly, you must first address the problem with your Wi-Fi coverage, which will resolve the problem permanently.

As a result, if you find yourself unable to connect to Wi-Fi for any reason, you should check your mobile data plan to see if the internet over mobile data will work for you. You must have adequate carrier coverage on your connectivity if you do not want to experience this issue. Google Voice can leverage your carrier coverage to make calls, which can considerably assist you in eliminating this problem.

2. Disable the Virtual Private Network.

Another thing to be aware of is the VPN, since there are a variety of issues that can arise while using Google Voice, and you will need to disable the VPN application if you have one installed on your device in order for it to function properly.

So, check for any potential VPNs and make sure that they are turned off in order to avoid receiving this problem while attempting to make calls using Google Voice.

3. Verify that you have permissions.

If you are using a smartphone or one of the most recent operating systems, such as Windows 10, you need be very cautious about the rights granted to applications. These operating systems provide you the ability to choose which programmes can access your resources, such as your microphone, speaker, and even your network connections.

As a result, if you have not authorised the Google Voice application to access the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data, you will be unable to make calls using the programme, and the application will display the error message “Google Voice Couldn’t Place Your Call.”

To resolve this issue, you should first verify the permissions and make sure that Google Voice has the appropriate permissions to access your phone system. Moving ahead, you should also double-check the permissions for Internet access, and that should take care of the problem for you. These permissions can be viewed by checking the permissions tab on your settings menu, or by launching the application and selecting the permissions tab from the drop-down menu that appears.

4. Reinstall the software application

Another beneficial thing that you can do in such situations is to check to see whether the programme is experiencing any problems. The most effective method of accomplishing this is to reinstall the application. So, first and foremost, delete the Google Voice application from your smartphone. Then, restart your device once to ensure that it has enough space for the Google Voice application to be downloaded and to function properly.

Given that Google Voice requires greater storage space in order to download and remove temporary data in order to function properly, this is a must-check item for you to complete before reinstalling the application. You can free up some space by uninstalling any applications that are no longer in use or any data that is no longer required.

After that, all you have to do is download the most recent version of the application to your phone, and it will take care of everything for you. The application will aid you in dealing with the problem in three different ways if you re-download it.

To begin, you will be removing the application and reinstalling it, ensuring that any faults or errors in the application that may have been causing the problem are permanently eliminated and that you are able to get it working properly again.

After that, you will have the most recent version of the Google Voice programme downloaded onto your smartphone, which will ensure that any issues that may have arisen as a result of the application failure will be resolved as well.

And, most importantly, you will log in using your Google account again, which will ensure that any issues you may have with your Google account are resolved permanently, and you will be able to make calls using your Google account through the Google Voice application without encountering the aforementioned error.