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Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine (GCE) is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering that allows clients to run workloads on Google’s physical hardware.

Google Compute Engine offers a large number of virtual machines (VMs), which can be used to create large clusters of computing. GCE can be managed through a RESTful API, command-line interface (CLI), or Web console. Compute Engine is a service that charges peruse with a minimum of 10 minutes. There are no upfront fees and no time-period commitments. GCE is competitive with Amazon’s Elastic Comput Cloud (EC2) or Microsoft Azure.

GCE’s API provides administrators with load balancing, virtual machine, and DNS server capabilities. Virtual machines are available in many CPU and RAM configurations as well as Linux distributions such as Debian and CentOS. Customers can use their system images to create custom virtual machines. Data at rest is encrypted with the AEC-128 CBC algorithm.

Administrators can choose the zone and region where data resources will be stored or used in GCE. GCE currently has three regions: the United States, Europe, and Asia. Each zone has two availability zones and supports either Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors. GCE offers administrators a range of tools to help them create advanced networks at the regional level.


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