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Leaving Family Plan For An Individual One In Verizon (Explained)

Verizon offers many great family plans. You don’t have to get individual plans for every member of your family. Instead, go for the family plan. It’s reliable and easy to use. Many Verizon customers have family plans.

One concern many users have is the feeling that they want an individual plan and not a family plan. It can be difficult to deal with such situations. Here are some details to help you switch from a Verizon family plan to or individual plan.

Verizon: Leaving Family Plan for an Individual One

First, you don’t need to change from a family plan or individual plan. The same number can be retained. You will need to transfer the account to your name if the account owner was someone else. There are some things you need to do before you can become an account owner. These are listed below.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age. Alabama residents must be at least 18 years old.
  • Register for the My Verizon account. To complete the transfer request, you will need to log in to your My Verizon account. My Verizon will allow you to manage your account.
  • After the Transfer of Service has been authorized by the current account owner you will receive an email notification regarding the request. Click on the link that says “Complete the Transfer Request” to begin the transfer. Follow the instructions to complete it. Enter the mobile number you received as a result.
  • A credit evaluation will be required. A security deposit or payment of a device payment agreement may be required.
  • Verizon will allow you to choose the features and plans that you want from their current offerings.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Verizon. Also, you must fully agree to the responsibility of billing on the date that the transfer occurs. If applicable, this includes any device payment agreements.

Customers can usually use their existing numbers once they have transferred from a family to an individual plan. After the transfer has been completed, customers will be billed according to their new plan. Transferring from family plan to individual is easy if you are the owner. If you are not the owner of a family plan, you will become the owner of an individual plan.

The process is more complicated if you are not the owner. You will need to transfer the plan under your name as an individual plan. You can talk to a Verizon customer service representative to get more guidance in either case.


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