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Georgia Tech Online Masters Computer Science


Online Master of Science in Computer Science

The Georgia Institute of Technology, Udacity, and AT&T joined forces to create the first online Master of Science in Computer Science. Students can only earn this degree through an accredited university and at a fraction of the price of residential programs.

This collaboration–informally dubbed “OMS CS”–brings together leaders in education, MOOCs, and industry to apply the disruptive power of technology to widen the pipeline of high-quality, educated talent needed in computer science fields.

The program has received more than 25,000 applications in five years and has enrolled almost 9,000 students. All of them are working towards the same rigorous Georgia Tech M.S. Computer Science, as well as their counterparts on campus.

The program created more than just grades and diplomas. It also established a global community of computing professionals, who not only collaborated in their courses but also formed professional networks, shared job opportunities, made in-person connections and supported each other in their careers.

We encourage all computing students and professionals to check out the Georgia Tech OMS CS. It is the best computing education available.


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