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The Master of Science in Computer Science 

The MSCS is awarded to graduates who have completed one of the three options described in the program. This program is for students with a bachelor’s in computer science from an approved institution. Students who have a bachelor’s in a different field than computer science may also apply. However, they will need to take remedial courses in order to fulfill the M.S. requirements. CS degree.


The program is very selective. There are more qualified applicants than places. Each year, the College faces the challenge of selecting a class from a high-qualified pool. The College seeks compelling reasons to admit students. Therefore, the College carefully reviews applicants’ statements of purpose, letters and recommendation as well as test scores and grades. Candidates are strongly advised to have a strong undergraduate background, including C programming. Additional information is welcome by the Admissions Committee to assist in making informed and objective decisions.

The master’s program admits students only once per year. For admission to the fall semester, the application deadline is February 1.

Find important information on our admissions process at our Admissions Requirements Page.

Program rules

  • GPA – To graduate, students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0. Course grades lower than C will not be accepted for graduation. All grades below that are core or elective courses in your specialization must be at least B.
  • Maximum 6 hours can be taken at the 4000-level, and/or with a different subject code than CS/CSE. You can find exceptions below under the Project or Thesis options.
  • Pass-Fail, Audit – All courses that are applied to the M.S. CS degrees must be earned for a letter grade.
  • Maximum credit hours for Special Problems (CS, CSE 89xx) may be used towards the M.S. The CS degree can be earned at 3. These courses must be offered by the CoC.
  • You can use any number of Special Topics courses (CS or CSE 88xx), towards your degree.
  • Each student must fulfill the requirements for one specialty.

Equivalent Courses

Program Options

The following options are available to students who wish to pursue the M.S. CS.

Choose a Course

  • 30 hours of coursework (no M.S. 30 hours of course work (no M.S.
  • Minimum of 30 credit hours
  • 24 hours minimum credit for CS/CSE courses
  • 24 hours minimum CS/CSE credit hours for graduate students (6000-8000).
  • 24 hours minimum credit hours for the 6000-8000 Level:

Project Option

  • 21 hours of coursework and a nine-hour project. The faculty advisor and the M.S. must approve the student’s project proposal in advance. CS coordinator. For more information, consult your academic advisor.
  • Credit hours total required: 30
  • M.S. M.S.
  • Total credit hours for a course: 21
  • Minimum CS/CSE hours: 15*
  • Minimum CS/CSE credit hours for graduate (6000-8000 level): 15*

Thesis Option

  • The course includes 18 hours of coursework and a 12-hour thesis. The faculty advisor and MSCS coordinator must approve the student’s thesis proposal in advance. For more information on the thesis process, consult your academic advisor.
  • Credit hours total required: 30
  • M.S. M.S.
  • Minimum CS/CSE hours: 15*
  • Minimum CS/CSE credit hours for graduate (6000-8000 level): 15*

*May not contain MS thesis hours or MS project hours.

Click here to see the Graduate Course Offerings Plan from Spring 2019 to Fall 2021.


The M.S. program offers students the opportunity to specialize in 11 areas. Students in the M.S.CS program can choose from 11 areas for specialization. Students can customize their degree programs by choosing from 11 areas of specialization. Learn more about our specializations and their course requirements on our specializations webpage.


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