FreedomPop vs Republic Wireless: Which One Is Better?

Freedompop is considered the largest rival to Republic Wireless. There are many differences between the two telecommunications technologies. Freedompop was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Thousand Oaks (California).

Freedompop operates in the huge Telecommunication Services sector today. The Freedompop has ten more employees than Republic Wireless.

What is FreedomPop?

FreedomPop, which is both wireless internet and a cellular service provider, offers very affordable talking, texting and data plan to its customers. They offer services starting at $0.00 per month which is free.

Freedompop customers can use the Freedompop services after a month. This depends on the Freedompop service purchased and the Freedompop device they have. The hotspot device will require users to register for their device and select a plan at checkout. You can connect the hotspot to any WiFi-capable device via the internet.

What is Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless, an American-based mobile virtual network operator ( MVNO), is responsible for selling low-cost mobile phones with Wi-Fi as its default. Republic Wireless tends to rely on partnerships with Sprint and T-Mobile to provide Wi-Fi if it is unavailable. Republic Wireless doesn’t support Apple iPhones or Apple devices, but it does work well with a few select Andriod phones.

FreedomPop vs Republic Wireless. Which Is Better?

These are some of the points regarding Freedompop and Wireless Republic comparisons:

Quality VoIP:

When we combined FreedomPop and Republic Wireless, we could see that Republic Wireless has better VoIP than Freedompop. The feature can vary from one device to the next. Some devices work well with VoIP but others are not compatible at all.

The customization of VoIP settings on a particular phone or another device can improve VoIP quality. They can use this to increase their VoIP’s performance and to add phones to their preferred line-up.


Republic Wireless supports partial switching between VoIP and traditional cell phone calls. This means that VoIP can be easily switched to cellular calls. Republic Wireless charges are flexible.

Freedompop works with VoIP, so Freedompop’s pricing criteria are lower than Republic Wireless. Freedompop’s total dependence on VoIP makes it very cost-effective. Republic Wireless is, therefore, more expensive.

Network Coverage

The Wireless Republic provides coverage for Sprint and T-Mobile companies. The Freedompop, on the other hand, provides coverage for AT&T and Sprint Mobile Companies.

FreedomPop’s VoIP service is the sole reason Freedompop’s VoIP service does not work well and continues to fail in terms of VoIP network coverage.

Freedompop users are advised to use Google Voice via Google Hangouts. It has better quality than Freedompop’s own VoIP service. FreedomPop offers 500MB per month at no cost, which is more than enough data to allow for average, but preferred, mobile voice usage.

This shows that Freedompop’s limited VoIP packages are very flexible. You can still enjoy good quality calls and the free service via Google Voice via Hangouts.

Data Speed

Republic Wireless has a data speed of 4G LTE. Freedompop, however, has no data speed. It’s more flexible.

Devices Available for Freedompop and Republic Wireless:

Republic Wireless prefers Android devices. Freedompop also prefers older iPhones and Android devices. It is easy to connect the device of your choice, or you can check the details online.

Customer Service for Freedompop and Republic Wireless:

Users can submit support tickets to quickly raise their concerns. Freedompop also has a 1-877-848-2800 customer service number that is available during limited business hours.

Final Verdict for Republic Wireless and Freedompop or The Concluding points:

The FreedomPop is the best option for users who are extremely meticulous about monitoring data usage and speed. Freedompop is far more efficient than Republic Wireless when it concerns using a light phone.

Freedompop has better chances of granting you free mobile phone device support. iPhone support is a great option for Freedompop users. Freedompop is an excellent and flexible option to think about prepaying for extended periods.

Republic Wireless allows users to test its services risk-free for 14 days as a free trial.

If you don’t like the service, you can turn it off. Users would also get their money back, even if they purchased a phone through the service.

Republic Wireless customers are still unable to contact customer care because they don’t have a customer service number. This is in contrast to Freedompop which has a perk: users can file complaints if they have one.

It can be difficult to choose the right option for your device. However, it is possible to take suggestions from the internet. In these cases, it may not be easy to decide which option is best. Therefore, it is better to buy what you need, Freedompop or Republic Wireless.