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Facebook Katana- Fix Pname com Facebook Orca


Facebook Katana

You don’t have to delete the folder name of Facebook katana, com.facebook.katana when you find it on your computer. It is not a virus or a nuisance on your phone.

There has been a lot of discussion about the Facebook katana file. Many people believe that it is malware or a virus. Some even suggested that the Katana Folder was caused by a virus which made people afraid of having their data stolen or that their phone was hacked.

It was a heated argument over the use of the package for Android and iOS on the Android Central forum. After reading the information about the Katana folder and Orca folder, I realized that the folder was not a virus.

I’d provide you full information about the folder’s product name, whether or not you can delete or remove it, why the folder is being created, how the folder is being created on your phone, and what benefits it offers.

Facebook Katana What’s a Katana Folder?

Facebook Katana folder refers to the name of the package that is produced by the Facebook application on all devices. It is created automatically when the Facebook apps is mounted on your device. The com.facebook.katana directory disappears when the Facebook apps are withdrawn or uninstalled.

The Katana Folder is linked to Facebook, which can only been accessed via Facebook Messenger apps.

If you don’t have the Facebook app installed on your phone and can only access the Facebook site through your mobile browser or PC, you’ll notice that there’s nothing on your phone that looks like com.facebook.katana.

The existence of the Facebook app on your mobile device has brought Katana folder onto your computer, just like the Orca folder which includes data from Facebook Messenger app.

This is simply to inform you that Facebook has a separate folder for your data that uses a programming language different to the normal human language.

Do I need to remove com.Facebook.katana

The katana files should not be deleted. Without your permission, the folder will automatically be created. The package name com.facebook.katana can be used to access the Facebook app on any computer.

You can remove the folder by uninstalling the mobile app on Facebook and logging into your browser account.

Facebook Katana vs Orca

When you install the Facebook Messenger app on your phone, you will see two folders. The com.facebook.orca folder and the com.facebook.katana folder.

These folders serve two different purposes. The com.facebook.orca folder can be used to retrieve deleted messages from your mobile Facebook account. The katana folder contains important information about your mobile Facebook application.

Both directories have a different purpose. You cannot delete either of them except by uninstalling the application that contains the parcel name that is being deleted.

You will need to delete Facebook Messenger and then the Facebook katana folder will be removed.

In conclusion, the Facebook Katana Folder with the package names com.facebook.katana or com.facebook.orca is not a virus or malware. To make the app function perfectly, you can install the Facebook Messenger and the Facebook app.


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