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Does Verizon Security And Privacy Scan Emails – Before We Get Into The Topic, Let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to use Digital Secure for your online privacy & security?

When your Total Mobile Protection enrollment was upgraded to Verizon Mobile Protect, which includes access to premium Digital Secure, your Digital Secure account level subscription was canceled.

While the premium Digital Secure features are no longer available across your account, free features such as antivirus and anti-malware, app privacy, web security, Wi-Fi security, and system check are still available.

Note that Digital Secure’s antivirus and anti-malware solution is not compatible with iOS devices.

Is it possible to extend the term of my Digital Secure premium account level subscription?

When Verizon Mobile Protect is active on a line in your account, a Digital Secure premium account subscription is not available.

You can, however, add a Digital Secure line subscription to a line on your account that isn’t enrolled in Verizon Mobile Protect.

What happened to my Safe Wi-Fi VPN subscription?

When your Total Mobile Protection enrollment was upgraded to Verizon Mobile Protect, which includes Safe Wi-Fi VPN access, your Safe Wi-Fi VPN subscription was canceled.

Is it possible to extend my Safe Wi-Fi subscription?

When Verizon Mobile Protect is active on a line in your account, a Safe Wi-Fi subscription is not available.

What happened to my Security and Privacy subscription?

When your Total Mobile Protection membership was upgraded to Verizon Mobile Protect, which includes premium access to antivirus software for home PCs, your Security and Privacy subscription was canceled.

How do I use Digital Secure to update the security on my home PC or Mac?

To learn how to upgrade your home PC/Mac security, go to our Get Started page.

What does it mean to be digitally secure?

Digital Secure is a comprehensive set of privacy and security tools for mobile devices and desktop computers. Anti-virus, anti-malware, and identity theft protection will protect your internet connection and personal data. It is necessary to download the app. The following are some of the features:

Privacy and Security

  • Antivirus and anti-malware*: Protects your device from internet risks by scanning it for viruses and malware.
  • App Privacy*: Assists in the protection of your privacy by analyzing, rating, and displaying how installed apps use your personal information.
  • Web Security: Protects against harmful downloads by avoiding risky websites.
  • Wi-Fi Security: Guards against network threats and alerts you when you connect to an unprotected or unsafe network.
  • System Check: Verifies that your device’s operating system is up to date and alerts you if it’s been rooted.

Secure Wi-Fi

  • VPN: A virtual private network (VPN) establishes a secure connection over Wi-Fi to protect personal information and online activity.

Identity Theft Defense

  • Dark web email search: Sees if your email address is linked to personal information in feeds of dark web forums and marketplaces that are frequently used for unlawful behavior.
  • Cyber Monitoring: Searches the internet and the dark web for the personal information you’ve chosen to have monitored and told you if it’s being posted online, including:

Account at a foreign bank (IBAN)

  • Social Media Monitoring: Keeps track of your social media activity and alerts you if the content you’re sharing poses a risk to your privacy or reputation.
  • Guidance for Lost Wallets: Provides step-by-step instructions from professional agents on how to cancel and re-issue your wallet contents, including credit cards, IDs, and event tickets.
  • Full Identity Restoration Assistance: Identity recovery assistance from experts who can both advise and act on your behalf.
  • *Apple iOS devices are not supported


Protection against identity theft

*Anti-virus and anti-malware software is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows and Mac PCs.

Why are my Digital Secure app’s Safe Wi-Fi and Identity Theft Protection features greyed out?

If you aren’t a paying Digital Secure user, you won’t be able to use these capabilities until you have an Account Level or Line Level subscription. In the Digital Secure app, you can update your subscription.

If you already have a Digital Secure subscription (account or line-level service), check for app updates in your app store to ensure you have the most recent version. If you have the most recent version of Digital Secure, close it and reopen it.

Please contact Customer Service if you require any extra assistance.

What is the price of Digital Secure?

You may safeguard all of your eligible lines for $10 per month if you enroll in your account. Anti-virus protection is included for all of your home PCs and laptops.

Individual lines can be enrolled for $5 per month per line, and you’ll get anti-virus protection for your home computers and laptops.

  • Is Digital Secure available in a free version?
  • Yes, but the free edition only provides features for your mobile device’s security and privacy:
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware software are both available.
  • Privacy in Apps
  • Security on the Internet
  • Wi-Fi Safety
  • Checking the System
  • Visit our How to use guide to learn how to join up for the free version of Digital Secure.

How do I install Digital Secure on my personal computer?

Follow our steps for installing Digital Secure on other devices to use it on your home computer.

Who is eligible to become a Digital Secure subscriber?

The free version of Digital Secure is available to anyone with a qualifying device.

You must have a normal Verizon Wireless account to access the paid version for an individual line or your full account. At this time, prepaid, government, and commercial accounts are not eligible.

Single line protection is available to Account Members. To upgrade to Account-Level protection on your Verizon account, you must be the Account Owner or Account Manager.

Verizon Protect and Verizon Protect Home offer Digital Secure as well. Find out how to sign up for Verizon Protect or Verizon Protect Home.

What is the procedure for downloading the Digital Secure app?

Most Android devices come with Digital Secure (except Google’s PixelTM phone).

If the app isn’t already installed on your device, learn how to get it.

Is it true that Digital Secure makes my battery drain faster?

Some of our functions run in the background of your device, but with minimum battery usage, to keep you fully secured. The first scan, on the other hand, is thorough and may necessitate additional battery consumption.

How can I set up Digital Secure on a device that isn’t a Verizon device (bring your own device)?

Digital Secure will not recognize certain Android devices purchased outside of Verizon and will require an additional step to access the app’s paid features. You can open Digital Secure on your Verizon device if you have an account-level membership that includes a Verizon device. Protect more devices, then send a link to a non-Verizon smartphone via text message or email.

If your account just has a non-Verizon device, go to your Digital Secure dashboard and follow the onscreen instructions.

What is Digital Secure and how can I utilize it?

For additional information on how to utilize Digital Secure, see our How to Use Digital Secure page.


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