What Is T-Mobile Digits iMessage Service?

T-Mobile, a well-known brand in mobile networks, has launched DIGITS for those who wish to use the same phone number on multiple devices. This service works on both Android and iOS devices. T-Mobile DIGITS, however, has had issues and no one knows the details. Let’s find out what all this means!

T-Mobile DIGITS iMessage

T-Mobile has announced DIGITS services that allow customers to sync multiple phones, tablets, and computers to one number. It’s almost identical to Google Voice. DIGITS allows users to access multiple contacts from one device. This means that you don’t need multiple devices to do work or personal tasks.

DIGITS was designed to work on both Android and iOS devices. The messaging service can be accessed from any device using a variety of web browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome. T-Mobile developed the apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. The latest Samsung and LG phones also have integrated DIGITS integration.

If you’re an iPhone user or an iOS user, the DIGITS app must be downloaded to make and manage phone calls. You should note that text messages sent via iMessage can’t be synchronized with the DIGITS service. They use circuit-switched networks as well as VoLTE for calls.

They are currently offering DIGITS services for the existing lines free of charge. You can purchase an additional DIGITS line for $10 per month if you wish. T-Mobile One Plus users can also get an additional line for free if they choose to subscribe. DIGITS, the branded app available for iOS or Android apps, is accessible via a web client.

Some users claim that DIGITS is not compatible with iMessage, while others have experienced mobile hanging. These issues only occur if the other device does not have an iOS version. T-Mobile and Apple both confirmed that iMessage works as long as both devices are iOS. Users can also use DIGITS to share voice notes.

You will only need to add another contact number to your Apple ID or iMessage account. The iMessage will now work with DIGITS. We have provided instructions below for those who don’t know how DIGITS works with iOS.

  • First, click on “New message” in the upper-right corner.
  • For people who use multiple lines, you can also select the line using the drop-down menu
  • Next, select the “to” option. Enter the recipient. You can also add multiple recipients.
  • Next, press the done button and then type your message
  • Attach the media files by pressing the paperclip symbol to the side.
  • Tap on the arrow right next to the message to send it off


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