How To Backup Verizon Text Messages? (Explained)

Verizon is a well-known brand when it comes to mobile network services. Verizon offers many services and plans, including calls, messages, and internet data. We all have important texts messages and need to make a backup of them. We will be sharing with you the steps to create a backup of your text messages with Verizon.

Backup of Text Messages with Verizon – The Guide

You can backup your text messages using the Messages+ app. It is the messaging app for Verizon. To do this, you will need to backup your text messages using the Messages+ app. Users can also send backup files to other phones or devices for restoration.

Once the backup file has been completed, users can also use the app. Verizon Cloud allows users to share the backup file. It stores the backup file in the cloud. Backups of text messages should be made with all important messages in mind.

After creating a backup, manage the text messages in Verizon Cloud

We’ve already mentioned that backup files can be saved to the Verizon Cloud for text messages. You can also manage the cloud via the messaging app. Because you can delete text messages from the messaging application, they will also be deleted from your cloud. Remember that messages are stored in the cloud and synchronized. They cannot be viewed in the app or website. This option is only available for iOS devices.

People often ask about the maximum number of messages that can be saved at once. The last ninety text messages will automatically be synced to Verizon mobile when it is first connected. You can switch to a new phone by logging in to your Verizon account.

Restoring the Text Messages on Android Smartphones

You will want to restore your text messages once you have made a backup of your Verizon text messages. This section will show you how to restore text messages from your Android smartphone. Please see the instructions below.

  • First, open the Verizon messaging app and select the menu button at the upper left.
  • You’ll be able to open a new menu, and then you can choose settings.
  • Scroll down to Account and select the Restore Messages option from the Settings menu
  • Tap on “restore to the cloud” or “restore to SD card”. It all depends on the location of the backup file.

You must make sure that you are updating the apps when you need to restore text message backups. This can have a direct impact on the performance of the backup functions.

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