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Does Gmail Scan Your Email – Before We Get Into The Topic , let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

Does Google Read Your Email?

The question of Google’s trustworthiness came up in a recent conversation with a buddy, a CTO of a large financial services organization. He claimed that he trusted Gmail since “Google doesn’t read your email.” As a paranoid techie, I questioned his claims.

It should go without saying that Google has the power to read your email. Google’s servers have plaintext access to all of your messages. They render your email so that it can be viewed in your browser. They index all of your data so that you may search it. They have access to whatever you save or process on Google servers.

All of this is crystal obvious in the G Suite Agreement:

Customer Data may be transferred, stored, and processed by Google in the United States or any other countries where Google or its agents have facilities. Customer consents to the transfer, processing, and storage of Customer Data by using the Services.

Google’s promise not to show advertising to a paying G Suite client may have perplexed my friend:

Google will not use Customer Data for advertising or serve advertisements in the Services.

Don’t get us wrong: Google can and does read your email. And this should raise security and privacy issues.

Security. Because Google’s servers have access to all of your company’s emails, an attacker who can breach these servers has access to all of your information. No software platform is impenetrable, and even Google’s safeguards may be breached. Administrators may manage G Suite and have access to all of your data. As a result, if your administrator gets hacked, you’re in danger.

Privacy. There’s no reason to suppose G Suite services are any different. Google is known for collecting massive quantities of data on each user. This data collecting could have unforeseen repercussions. A judge could, for example, issue a subpoena to Google demanding that it provide over customer emails, and Google would have no choice but to comply. The data’s owner may be completely unaware of it. If the data in question was a physical document, however, the subpoena would be delivered to the document’s owner, who would be able to object to the data collection if it was unnecessary.

Many of these security and privacy concerns might be addressed with end-to-end encryption. Google wouldn’t be able to read your messages if G Suite data was encrypted on clients and servers were simply stores of encrypted data. This is how Facebook’s WhatsApp works. “Nobody, including Facebook, should be able to see your private messages,” he says.

The motto “Don’t Be Evil” isn’t enough to make you trust Google.

Anti-virus scanning attachments

Viruses are automatically scanned in attachments in Gmail messages you send and receive.

What happens when viruses are found?

Virus in an email you’re sending

A “Virus detected!” error notice will appear if an attachment you’re trying to attach is contaminated with a virus. The option to send the email without the attachment will appear.

Virus in an email sent to you

When Gmail detects a known virus in an email message sent to you, it will reject the message and notify the sender.

You won’t be able to download an attachment if Gmail detects a virus in an email that is already in your inbox.

Gmail virus scanners are temporarily unavailable” error

This error may appear if Gmail is unable to scan certain files at this time. You can either wait to download the attachment or open it at your own risk.

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