Resetting The Cable Modem Due to DocsDevResetNow

Because of the prevalence of technology in today’s environment, having access to the internet is an absolute necessity. That is to say since the internet has brought people together, and businesses are guaranteeing effective communication through an internet connection that is free from disruptions. Along the same lines, cable modems are becoming increasingly popular as a result of the dependable internet connection they provide.

Performing a Factory Reset on the Cable Modem Because of DocsDevResetNow

On the other hand, many individuals have voiced their dissatisfaction over the docsDevResetNow problem that is present in cable modems. Because of this problem, the modem will either stop functioning altogether or restart itself at a predetermined interval. If people stream videos or play video games at the same time, the timing will get saturated. In addition, the connections will be lost and reestablished when the process is restarted. After analysing the log, we discovered that it contained the message critical (3) – resetting the cable modem as a result of docsDevResetNow.

The streaming and video gaming experiences will become more difficult as a result of this issue. Therefore, if you are experiencing the same issue, we have provided several troubleshooting techniques that will eliminate the issue and give an unfettered internet connection (with no automatic reboots!). If you are having this problem, please read on.


First things first, you need to make sure that all of the resident systems and linked devices have IPv6 access. This is absolutely necessary. However, if the IPv6 settings aren’t installed, you need to examine all of the devices and configuration files, and then make sure that the settings are brought up to date.


If your cable modem isn’t operating as it should and then restarts, there is a good likelihood that the settings have been messed up. In this scenario, it is best to revert the modem settings back to their original factory settings. However, before you go ahead and reset the modem, you need to be sure that you have given it a simple reboot. In order to do a basic reboot of the modem, you will need to follow the steps that are listed below:

It is necessary for you to remove the power cord from the rear of the modem and wait for the lights on the modem to turn off.

After waiting for at least thirty seconds or one minute, re-connect the power cord to the outlet.

Hold on for a while longer (to ensure that the main status light and internet light is green)

Join the various electronic gadgets to the internet.

The term “easy modem reboot” refers to the process of restarting the modem since doing so can fix faults that occur with an internet connection, and in certain instances, it can also increase the connection speed. It is recommended that you try this straightforward reboot first before attempting a complete factory reset.


If the basic reboot does not work for you, you may need to go all the way back to the beginning and perform a complete reset. This will allow the modem’s factory default settings to be optimised. This process, which is also known as a hard reset, will not only fix the routing errors and gaming problems, but it will also fix the poor internet speed. Performing a reset on the modem causes it to revert back to the factory default settings and deletes any configurations that were entered incorrectly.

Among the settings are the personalised password, wireless settings, the configuration of a static IP address, and the DNS settings. Additionally, it corrects the wrong routing settings, in addition to the DHCP and port forwarding configurations. The button to reset the modem is often located on the reverse side of the device and is marked with a red label. To press this button, you will need to make use of a pen tip or a regular safety pin. In addition, pressing the reset button will initiate the process of activating the modem from the very beginning. When the primary status light turns green, the process will have been successfully completed.

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