Do Routers Wear Out? (Answered)

The use of routers is essential in order to connect to high-speed internet connections. In a similar vein, selecting the appropriate router is essential because it might have an effect on the speed of the internet. The answer to the question “do routers wear out?” is “yes,” routers do wear out. For everyone who was wondering about this, the answer is “yes.” In this post, we will cover all you need to know about the lifecycle of routers as well as the process by which they wear out.

Routers’ Expected Lifetimes

In general, the lifespan of a router is anywhere between three and four years. That’s to say since, once this amount of time has passed, you really ought to upgrade to a new router. This is due to the fact that although your router might not display any obvious and physical wear, its components will nonetheless wear down with time, which will result in a decrease in functionality.

Do Routers Ever Stop Working?
In this part of the article, we will discuss a number of different factors that can result in the router becoming worn out. Therefore, take a peek!

1. Heat Exhaustion

In most cases, the routers fail prematurely due to the effects of heat stress. As a result of the constant operating, the hardware and components will reach an unsafe temperature. If the problem with the heating is not resolved, the router will eventually break down. This prolonged exposure of the router to heat will result in the failure and degradation of its components, which may in turn cause problems that occur intermittently.

This is due to the fact that consumer and domestic routers are designed with typical standard components, which wear out much too quickly and need to be replaced. When the router is placed near a window, you run the risk of experiencing heat stress as well. That is to say, due to the fact that positioning the router so that it is adjacent to the window will result in continuous exposure to the light. As a result, you should position the router in an area that has adequate air circulation to ensure that the heating issue is resolved.

2. Dust

Dust can accumulate in the nooks and ports of the router if it has been placed on the floor, which can lead to wear and tear on the router. People who have placed the router on the floor. In this scenario, you need to make use of the compressed air that helps blow the dust-clogged ports and vents so that you can be certain that the dust has been removed. Any local hardware store should carry compressed air for you to purchase.

On the other hand, you can use the cotton swab to scoop out and clean the vents if the dust is still stuck in the vents after you have used the cotton swab to clean them. However, you need make sure that you are using the scooping motion because if you opt for poking, it will drive in the dust even farther, making it tough to clean up. If you use the scooping motion, however, it will be easier to clean up.

3. Flow That Is Restricted

If you squeeze the router in between your books on the shelf, there won’t be any room for air circulation. This is in addition to everything else. This decreased airflow will also lead to excessive heating, which will lead to an increased risk of wear and tear on the router. Therefore, you should always keep the router in an open space so that there is appropriate air circulation and ventilation. This will ensure that the router has a longer lifespan.