Discord Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting Fix

At the exact moment you’re ready to join your friends in a good banter in the Voice Channel, Discord keeps disconnecting and reconnecting you at random intervals. What exactly is going on? What is causing Discord to behave improperly? If this is something that you are familiar with, continue reading to find the best solution for you.

Unfortunately, there is currently no official solution from Discord for the issue of users randomly disconnecting and reconnecting from their conversations. As a result, here at Internet Access Guide, we assist you in completing the necessary tasks. As a result, we research and compile all available troubleshooting fixes that have been discovered on the Internet so far by fellow Discord users such as yourself.

Please keep in mind that there are a variety of solutions available for a common Discord connection issue that you may encounter. Every one of your devices is distinct from the others, just as you are from the rest of the world. Some fixes may be effective for you, but they may not be effective for your friends in the same way.

Please go through the list one by one until you have found the solution to your problem. The rest of the article isn’t necessary if the first few fixes you tried were successful in solving your problems.


First and foremost, you can access your Server Settings by clicking on the server name located at the top left corner of your computer screen. For the following fixes, navigate to the Server Overview tab.

Change to a different server region as a first step.

Your local server region may be overburdened, making it impossible to create a space for your channel to broadcast. Change to a server region that is closer to your actual location by clicking on the Change Server Region button.

01 Change the server region to a different one.

Fix 2  Check the AFK timeout timer on the server.

Discord may automatically set your AFK timeout to 1 minute in order to save data on your server, which may result in you being disconnected without your knowledge or consent. You can increase your AFK timeout by modifying your server configuration.

02 Verify the server’s AFK timeout.


The User Settings cogwheel icon can be found in the lower-left corner of your screen, and it will be used for this section. For the following fixes, navigate to the Voice & Video tab.

Fix 3: Disable the Voice Quality of Service (VQS) feature (QoS)

The Quality of Service (QoS) feature makes use of additional data in order to provide you with high-quality audio. Try to turn off this feature so that at the very least you and your friends can hear each other and aren’t forced to communicate via radio silence.

Voice Quality of Service (QoS) is disabled in step three.

4) Change the audio subsystem from “Standard” to “Legacy” in the configuration.

Some users have reported being able to reconnect after switching to the “Legacy” mode in the Discord Audio Subsystem. You must scroll down to Audio Subsystem and select Legacy from the drop-down menu.

04 Change the audio subsystem from the standard to the legacy configuration.

Fix number five: Delete all of the items on your block list.

After that, you can go through your block list. The greater the number of users you block, the more data Discord consumes in order to maintain that status. To free up some data for other activities, such as making a voice call, try unblocking some of the users on your block list who are currently blocking you.

Fix 6: Web RTC connecting test was successful.

Proceeding with the testing, you can access a Real-Time Call (RTC) connecting test online at https://test.webrtcouncil.org/ for free. This troubleshooting tool assists you in identifying what is preventing you from making a good call. After you’ve completed the test, you can take a screenshot of the results and send it to Discord Support for further investigation and action.

06 Verify the server’s AFK timeout.

Fix 7: A member of the Discord staff has kicked you out.

This may seem absurd, but it is possible that your behaviour in Discord has drawn the attention of Discord staff members, and they are preventing you from using Discord services as a result of their actions. Alternatively, they may kick you out for no apparent reason. (Believe me when I say that it happens to everyone at some point.) You can try to resolve the issue by filing an appeal or by creating a completely new account. Usually, the latter option is the most effective.

Fix number eight: Contact the Discord Support Team.

When all else fails, the only thing left to do is contact Discord Support for assistance. The steps outlined below will help you gather information about your device and app so that Discord Support can better assist you:

  • You must take screenshots of three different items in Discord.
  • Developer Tools are the first item on the list.
  • Developer Tools can be accessed by pressing the (Ctrl+Shift+i) keys.
  • Select the Console option from the drop-down menu.
  • Take a screenshot of the page
  • Item 2: Voice Debug Panel (optional).
  • Connect to a voice channel if you have one.
  • Open the voice information tab on your computer.
  • Select Debug from the drop-down menu.
  • All three tabs (Transport, Outbound, and Inbound) were captured on screen.
  • Direct X Diagnostics is the third item on the list.
  • To access the Run menu, press the (Start + R) keys together.
  • Run the dxdiag command by typing it in the Run box.
  • Wait for the green bar to finish loading before continuing.
  • Save All Information by pressing the Save All Information button.
  • Finally, once you’ve saved all three items, send them to Discord Support so that they can be looked into further.


Furthermore, your computer may be a contributing factor to the failure of your Discord connection. When it comes to technical troubleshooting, it is always better to double-check than not to check at all at all.

Ensure that your computer is not a contributing factor to the disconnecting and reconnecting issues in Discord by checking the following items on your computer’s startup menu:

  • Check the status of your internet connection.
  • Disable your virtual private network (VPN).
  • Make changes to your DNS server.
  • Clear your DNS cache and re-enter your IP address information.
  • Consult with the network administrator at your school or place of employment.
  • Make use of an Ethernet connection.
  • Change the WiFi frequency band from 2.5GHz to 5.0GHz.


Once this has been done, if Discord is still having trouble connecting to your computer, you should look into the general settings of your computer

The following is a list of some basic go-to troubleshooting actions you can try to resolve your issue:

Restart your devices if necessary.

Disable your antivirus programme and Windows firewall for a short period of time.

  • You should update your network driver.
  • Make use of a different web browser.
  • Close all of the background windows.
  • Charge the battery of your device.
  • It is possible that you are using a hacked Discord application. Only official sources should be used for downloading.


To summarise, the following are the currently available fixes for the random Discord disconnecting and reconnecting issue that has been discovered on the Internet thus far.

DISCLAIMER: The solutions presented here are derived from a variety of user input. As a result, tjis cannot guarantee that it will be effective for you. Please make a backup of all of your data before continuing. Troubleshooting should be done at your own risk.

Please let us know in the comments section below which of the solutions worked for you. If you have a better solution, please do not hesitate to share it with us as well! Wishing you the best of luck!

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