How to Reset a Dell Desktop Computer to Factory Settings

There are a few things you can do to reset the operating system software if you are having trouble starting a Dell computer. Refresh your computer to reinstall Windows while keeping your settings and files. It can be used to reinstall Windows and remove files, settings, and applications. The most extreme step is to reset a Dell computer back to factory settings, or to settings that were saved at an earlier time. This will restore the computer’s original software state.

Reset Dell Computers in Windows 7

You should backup all files you do not want to lose before you start the process of restoring your Dell desktop computer to factory settings. Photos, documents, saved emails and any apps that you have installed should all be backed up. After backing up your data, turn off your computer. Disconnect all peripheral devices, except your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Also, disconnect your router/modem and all network cables.

Turn on your computer and press the key to restart it. Keep tapping the key one second at a time until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu. Use the arrow keys to select Repair Your Computer, then press the Enter button. Next, specify your language settings, and click Next. Log on as the system administrator and select Restore. Click Next. Dell will show you the most recent restore point. This is the best place to go back to. Select Show more restore points to choose another restore point. After the system restore is complete, click Restart to restart your computer with the restored settings.

You can reset the system to factory settings by following the same procedure, but log in as a system administrator. Next, select Dell Factory Tools and then Dell Factory Image Restore. Select Next to display the Confirm data deletion menu. You must confirm that you wish to format the hard drive, restore system software and settings to their original condition.

Dell Factory Reset in Windows 10

Windows 10 makes it easy to restore a Dell computer to factory settings. Windows 10 makes it easy to reset a Dell computer to its factory settings. Click on Advanced Startup and then choose Troubleshoot. Next, click on Factory image Restore. Follow the instructions to complete the reset process.

After the third attempt, if your computer fails to boot, it will automatically access the Windows Recovery Environment. You can then choose Troubleshoot, and then specify Factory Images Restore. Follow the instructions.

You can use Windows Push Button Reset to reset your Dell computer to a clean Windows version and delete all files added since it was manufactured. You can search for Reset this computer in desktop search. Then select Start. Select the options Reset this PC or Clean up files on the drive. Follow the instructions to complete your reset.

Windows 10 Reset for Locked Computer

If your computer is locked because you don’t have the password you can log in to your Microsoft account on another computer. If this is not an option, you can still reset your computer by turning off the computer and pressing the power button while holding the Shift keys. When the Recovery screen appears, release Shift. Select Troubleshoot, then press Enter, and finally select Reset This PC and Delete Everything.

Reset Windows 10 Upgraded Computer

Dell computers with Windows 10 upgrades require special care when returning to factory settings. You must first reinstall the operating software that was installed on the computer, such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. You can then restore the factory settings for that Windows version. This will allow the computer to be upgraded to Windows 10. Because it was not shipped with Windows 10, a Dell computer cannot be directly restored to factory settings.

How to Restore a Dell Optiplex 755

Microsoft Windows System Restore tool allows you to restore the operating system to an earlier date and time, without having to delete any files. There are a few options on the Dell OptiPlex 755 that can help you restore your system or get it running again if it isn’t working as it should. The Dell PC Restore Tool is an option that can be used as a last resort. It wipes all data from your computer and restores it to its original state.

System Restore

Step 1

Click on “Start,” and then “All Programs,” or “Accessories,” or “System Tools,” to get started.

Step 2

Select “Restore my computer at an earlier time” and then click on the bold print calendar. Click “Next” to select a restore point from this list.

Step 3

Accept the warning message and click “Next.” After the restore process completes, restart your computer. Check to make sure the problem has been resolved. You can always restore further if the problem persists. Continue following the steps until the problem is solved.

Restore your PC

Step 1

Turn off your computer. Turn on your computer and, while it is booting, hold down CTRL and press F11 in Windows XP and F8 in Windows Vista.

Step 2

In Windows XP, click “Restore” and then “Confirm.” Windows Vista and later: Click “Repair your computer” then “Next.” Register with a username or password. Click on “Dell Factory Image Restore” and then click “Next.” Click “Next” to confirm that you wish to format the hard drive.

Step 3

When the button appears, click “Finish”. The operating system is now fully restored and your computer will reboot.

How to restore a Dell Inspiron factory settings

Dell laptop computers, including the Inspiron series, come loaded with a restore utility called Dell Symantec System Restore. This utility is essentially a partition on your hard drive that contains the factory settings of your computer. This utility is convenient because you’re not forced to use the Windows startup CD to restore your computer. Instead, you can take advantage of the utility and restore your Dell Inspiron by loading the utility while the computer starts up.

Step 1

You can either restart the computer or turn it on by clicking “Start”, followed by “Shut Down”, then choose “Restart”.

Step 2

As your computer restarts, hold down the F8 key. Make sure you hold the F8 key down until the Windows logo appears. Windows XP is better than Windows 7 or Windows Vista. To do this, press Ctrl + F11. The “Advanced Boot Options” menu opens.

Step 3

Use the down arrow to access the Advanced Boot Options menu and press “Enter.”

Step 4

Select the language settings you prefer and then press “Enter” for more information.

Step 5

When prompted, log in as administrator. To continue factory restoration, enter your username and password. Click “Enter”

Step 6

Next, click “Dell Factory Image Restore”, then the “Next” button.

Step 7

Check the box that says “Yes, reformat the hard disk and restore system software to factory condition”. After selecting the checkbox, click “Next” to restore your Dell Inspiron to factory settings.

Step 8

After your computer has been restored, click “Finish”. This will restart Windows in the same state it was when you bought the computer.


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