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Laptop Mag reaffirmed last week that the Dell XPS 13 remains their favorite laptop. This is a long-standing tradition. The XPS laptops are the best on the market. However, not everyone wants a mobile computer. Many people require a powerful, configurable desktop. Dell’s XPS Tower desktops provide the same level of XPS design excellence and innovation excellence as their XPS laptops. The XPS Tower Special Edition desktop is high-performance, VR-ready, and compact. It has a lightweight chassis that allows for easy upgrades. This makes it ideal for multitasking, video editing, content playback, and photo editing.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the XPS Tower Special Edition has been upgraded with up to 46 percent more performance*. This is due to the addition of 8 th generation Intel(r) Core(TM), more configuration options, and more memory. A select few reviewers were able to get systems early, and their feedback has been extremely positive. Tom’s Guide awarded XPS Tower Special Edition the Editor’s Choice Award, and Hot Equipment their “Recommended Award”.

“If your goal is to have a powerful, upgradeable, and comfortable gaming computer that can be used anywhere from your office to the command center, then the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition will do the trick.” – Tom’s Guide

Let’s dive deeper and see what’s new with the XPS Special Edition.

Be at the Speed Of Your Own Ideas

The latest 8 th Generation Intel Core CPU i5 and i7 desktop processors are combined with high-performance graphics to create the best desktop performance. More cores mean more performance for editing video, gaming, or both. New XPS Tower Special Edition features 8 th Gen Intel Core 6-core processors that deliver up to 46% faster CPU performance than the 7 th generation Intel Core processors. *

Make Your Own Configuration

North American online stores have moved to a fully “configure-to-order” format. This is the place for tech enthusiasts. Dell.com will allow you to specify exactly what you need and dial in the perfect configuration for you.


You’ll have the memory and storage options you need, including SSD, traditional HDDs, and cached hard drives using Intel’s Optane technology.

Powerful, configurable, and faster – learn more about the most powerful XPS ever, available in the US and China today starting at $999, at Dell.com.

*Based on internal testing with CINEBENCH R15 performance benchmark (multi-core), October 2017. This benchmark compares an XPS Tower 8930 equipped with an 8th generation Intel Core processor to a similar system with a 7th Generation Intel Core CPU. CINEBENCH, a cross-platform test suite that tests your computer’s rendering capabilities, is real-world. Actual results may vary. For more information, please refer to https://www.maxon.net/en/products/cinebench/


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