Cricket Internet Slow (How To Fix)

Cricket Wireless provides amazing internet service in 36 states. It has major coverage in Texas, Arizona, Illinois, making it the 5 biggest mobile broadband provider in the U.S. Even with a well-respected provider like Cricket Wireless, slow connections can cause streaming problems and disrupt your work. Everything nowadays depends on an internet connection that is fast and stable.

How to Fix Cricket Internet Slow

You may experience internet connectivity problems due to signal condition, bandwidth saturation or slow DNS servers. This guide will help identify the problem and assist you in fixing it if you are able.

A speed test is a great way to determine how your network is performing before you try to figure out the actual problem. is able to perform a simple test that will reveal the network’s upload and download speeds, as well as the location of the server to which it is connected. It also shows the latency of data being sent and received.

You may have to test the speed of your internet connection with all downloads disabled and at a time when there is less bandwidth usage. Once you have the results, you will want to compare the speed to the one you pay your service provider. If it doesn’t, then you might need to troubleshoot your internet network. You might also want to test other devices on the same network before you make any decisions.

An easy and effective way to speed up your internet connection is to use an Ethernet cable that plugs directly into your modem. Directly connecting means a better connection. There are no speed or data losses over wireless connections. It is not always possible to connect through an Ethernet cable, especially if the router is in a poor position or you are using mobile broadband. This brings us to the next point.

Most often, speed slowing is due to poor wireless signal conditions. It is important to position the router in a way that it can provide coverage over the entire area you might need it to.

The wireless network will perform better and the internet speed will increase if there are fewer obstacles in the way. A Wi-Fi booster/repeater for larger homes may be an option to increase your network’s coverage and improve the speed of your internet connection. You can also contact Cricket customer service for an upgraded router.

Multi-user devices and users sharing the same internet connection could cause another problem. The increased bandwidth caused by all these devices connected to the internet can cause a significant increase in the speed of your internet connection.

You’ll notice other devices, besides the usual suspects such as phones, tablets and laptops, that are connected to the same network, sending and receiving lots of data throughout the day, including Smart TVs and gaming consoles. These devices can overload the network and slow down the speed.

The admin terminal can be used to access router settings and the Quality of Service features (QoS), which allow you to manage devices and place bandwidth restrictions on certain activities. This will improve your online experience while maintaining stable network connectivity.

These troubleshooting methods can be used to resolve your issue. However, if this doesn’t work, you might want to contact your ISP to have it fixed and to provide you with the connection that you paid for. This will allow you to continue streaming and watching cricket matches uninterrupted. Cricket wireless offers excellent customer support and can help you solve your problem quickly.

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