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Cox Upload Speed Slow


Cox Upload Speed Slow: 5 Ways To Fix

Cox is a promising choice because they offer a variety of internet plans and have stable internet connections. If you need to upload or send something, however, Cox upload speeds can be slow.

It’s not a major problem, and we have the troubleshooting techniques to help!

Upload speed for Cox slow

1 Browser

First, your browser might be slowing down upload speeds. If you’re using Internet Explorer to access the internet, the problem might be with the browser. We recommend that you use Chrome or Firefox to access the internet. The reason is that the internet browsers Chrome and Firefox have better connections and can resolve Java problems.

This will result in a faster internet connection. You can also update your browsers. The outdated browser can cause slow internet due to underlying issues. No matter what browser you use, you must download and install any updates as soon as they are available.

2 Reboot

Sometimes, Java issues may occur on devices. This can affect internet speed. These minor problems can be fixed by restarting your computer or any other device that you use for internet. It is better to reboot the internet router. It is best to reboot both the router and the device.

Rebooting is possible by disconnecting the power cable and waiting at least 2 minutes. After waiting for at least two minutes, turn on the device and then on the router. To ensure that the router establishes an internet connection, you will need to wait ten to fifteen seconds.

3 Firewalls

Security and protection are essential. Firewalls are a great way to protect yourself from external threats. If you have enabled firewalls, you need to turn them off. You will notice a significant increase in internet speed when you turn off the firewall. Third-party software must be turned off.

4) Other Device

If upload speeds don’t improve, you should consider switching to another device. If the internet works on other devices, it is possible that the device is not working properly. If you used the internet on a phone, then try it on a laptop. If you have internet problems with a different device than your phone, make sure to update the software.

5) Contact The Internet Service Provider

Cox customer service is your last resort if upload speed issues with Cox internet are not resolved. Customer support will examine your network and share the problem with you. They will also assist you in solving your internet connection problems.


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