Cox Internet Slow At Night: 3 Ways To Fix

Cox Communications, a well-known American company that offers telecommunication services to its customers, is well-known. These services include internet and cable television. Contact the company to request a device and select a package. You can choose the one that suits you best from the wide range of bandwidths and speeds available.

The official website of Cox also has a list of all available packages. You can also view all details about the devices and the features you will receive on your device from the official website of Cox. Cox’s services are great but some users report slow internet at night.

These simple steps will help you if this happens to your too.

Cox Internet Slow at Night

  1. Restart Router

You should be aware that routers can get clogged easily if they have been in use for a while. This can cause the router to slow down or give up.

This could be the reason you’re experiencing slow internet speeds. It is possible to eliminate it by simply rebooting your device.

Flip your device upside down and press the power button. You will not be able to unplug the power cable. After waiting a while, turn your device on again. It should take this time for the router to clear any files that are not needed. Once the device’s lights are stable again, it can be used normally.

  1. Bandwidth

If this continues to happen, your internet connection may be too slow. Most people work at their internet during the night. This causes the internet speed to slow down for everyone. This is not uncommon and you can only wait for a while.

After a while, your internet connection should start to get high speeds again. You might also find your ISP updating their servers. Contact them to confirm. You should also get an estimate of how long it will take for your connection to be restored.

  1. Upgrade Internet

You can upgrade your existing package if you don’t want to wait for bandwidth speeds to recover. Contact Cox to tell them you would like to increase your internet bandwidth. Cox also offers users the possibility to use separate IP lines for certain areas.

You can also get them installed if your local area supports them. These will ensure you get the fastest speeds possible, even when there is a lot of bandwidth usage. If you decide to upgrade your package, make sure the speed you select is significantly faster than your current one. This will ensure that you experience virtually no buffering or lag.


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