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Cox Installation Fee Waived – Is It Possible?

Because people want entertainment, the internet is now a necessity. Cox is the preferred choice. This is where it becomes important to think about the additional fees such as installation fees. We have included possible ways to get the Cox installation fee waived in this article.

Cox Installation Fee Waived

Negotiation Approach

We are sure you’re not happy with the high fees if you have selected Cox for your services. Talk to customer service to get the installation fee waived. Call Cox to ask about the cancellation of the service. There are better chances of them directing you to the detention center once you have asked about the service cancellation.

When you get directed to the retention center, they will likely ask why. It is best to tell them about the large installation fee. They will likely waive or reduce the installation fee.

Official Money-Saving Strategies

You should contact Cox to inquire about installation fees. You may need to clarify the matter as you will be paying the entire bill. The installation fee is $20 and includes one-time charges.

Cox will provide all necessary instructions and manuals for self-installation. You will be responsible for installing and setting up the hardware.

Cox’s Bluff

You need to communicate clearly with customer service representatives when they direct you to the retention department. You should let them know that you are annoyed by the high rates. You can repeat these words if necessary. You should also remind them of the outstanding customer you are.

If they are kind, they will waive the fee and you can go on your way. If they don’t listen to you, you can tell them that you will switch to another service and then drop the call. They are likely calling you a bluff in most cases. However, if they do call back, they will probably make another call.

It will usually take about two days to complete the job. They will then waive or lower the installation fee.

What if Everything Fails?

If you’re a new customer or haven’t used their services in a while, chances are they won’t be concerned by your leaving. If you do not want to cancel the service or switch providers, you will have to pay an installation fee.


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