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Computer Systems a Programmer’s Perspective


Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective


Computer Organization and Architecture and Computer Systems Courses in CS, EE and ECE Departments

This text was developed from an introductory course at Carnegie Mellon University. It explains the fundamental and enduring concepts that underlie all computer systems and shows how these ideas impact the correctness, performance and utility of applications programs. Students will benefit from the text’s practical and real-world approach to understanding what is happening “under the hood of” a computer system.

Computer Systems – A Programmer’s View.

This book, CS:APP, is intended for computer engineers and computer scientists who wish to learn more about the inner workings of a computer system. This text explains the fundamental concepts that underlie all computer systems and demonstrates how these concepts affect the utility, correctness, and performance of applications programs. Many systems books describe how to implement hardware and software.

This book is written by a programmer. It explains how programmers can use their knowledge to create better programs. It is a great first step to learning how to create a system. This book can also be used as an introduction for those who want to develop and implement software and hardware systems. Many systems books tend to concentrate on one aspect of the system. For example, they may focus only on the hardware architecture, operating system, compiler, or network. This book covers all aspects of the system.

These aspects are unified by the common theme of a programmer’s perspective.

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