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Is a Computer Science Degree Worth It?

Nearly all industries use technology to do business. This means that they need professionals who can create software, manage databases, and design websites. This trend has contributed to the high demand for computer science degrees as well as their surge in popularity among college students.

Computer science majors can now open up a wide range of lucrative fields such as web development, software engineering, and administration of network systems.

Many companies have difficulty filling these positions due to high demand. In 2019, there were more than 665,000 computing job openings but fewer than 72,000 computer science graduates to fill them.

Computer science majors can lead to a variety of highly paid fields such as web development, software engineering, and administration of network systems.

This shortage of skilled workers — along with the field’s excellent return on investment — makes computer science one of the most highly sought-after college majors.

While its value is evident, a computer science degree isn’t the right choice for everyone, as it requires rigorous math courses and a propensity for both analysis and problem-solving.

A four-year degree is also prohibitively expensive for some students, which is why alternative options — such as coding boot camps and certificates — are increasingly popular.

No matter what your goals or background are, a bachelor’s in computer science is the industry standard. It can help you launch a rewarding career that is both financially and personally fulfilling.

The benefits of a Computer Science Degree

  • Prepares You for a Wide Variety of Jobs: Computer science graduates have skills that can be applied to many occupations. This allows them to explore diverse opportunities in many industries.
  • You’ll Be Part of a Growing Industry: There are many jobs in math and computer occupations. Growing much faster than the average computer science is one of the most accessible degree options.
  • Opens the Door to High-Paying Careers: Computer science graduates can earn some of the highest salaries in the industry the highest starting salaries in any major. Computer science majors should be at the top of your priority list if you are concerned about pay.
  • Computer Science Degrees Are in High Demand: Computer science graduates are not entering the workforce in sufficient numbers to supply the demand. This is why companies have difficulty filling the computing positions currently being filled by companies.

The cons of a Computer Science Degree

Strong Emphasis on Concepts and Theory

    • Computer science courses are heavily focused on theory. If you don’t like abstract thinking, you won’t find a program that interests you in computer science. Concentrations that focus on a practical application may be an option for students who have a greater understanding of computer systems.

Limited Classroom Availability

    • s the number of undergraduates majoring in computer science grows, colleges are

straining to meet demand

    •  for these courses, making it difficult to secure a spot in a computer science class.

Big Focus on Mathematics

    • Computer science is a popular field that many students choose to study because of its lucrative benefits. This degree might not be right for you if you struggle with math or problem-solving.

High Cost of a Computer Science Degree

    Many programmers and coders earn certificates online through coding boot camps or online learning platforms. These are much less expensive than four-year universities. If you want to work for a major tech company such as Amazon, Google, and Google, you will most likely need a bachelor’s in computer science.

What is the hardest part of a Computer Science degree?

Computer science requires you to be comfortable with technology to succeed. Computer science requires patience, creativity, problem-solving, and a lot of patience.

Computer science majors should be prepared to take several statistics courses and analysis.

Computer science students should be prepared to take statistics and analysis classes since computing concepts are mathematically based.

Computer science is like any other area of study. It requires dedication to learn and master the concepts. You may need to learn a lot if you don’t have any experience with computers.

Computer science is often regarded as a competitive and difficult major. Expect to spend a lot of time learning concepts and applying them in your own programming projects. It may be difficult to keep up with your peers.

You can still achieve your goals if you are passionate about the discipline and willing to put in the effort.

Computer Science Salary and Job Demand

The high salaries for entry-level positions in computer science are perhaps the most appealing aspect of a computer science degree. Employers are willing to pay top dollars for technical experts, as computers are now ingrained in almost every aspect of modern business.

Computer science degrees can open up opportunities in many other industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, and business. While salaries can vary greatly by degree level and occupation, the median salary for computer science professionals is roughly $88,000.

Median Computer Science Salaries

Additionally, computer science graduates held the second-highest starting salary projection in 2019 at around $67,000. This is primarily due to a rise in employer demand that far exceeds the number of computer science graduates who are entering the workforce.

Data scientists are expected to see a 16% increase in employment over 2018-28. Software developers will see a 21% increase. Computer scientists will continue to be highly paid as companies struggle to find skilled workers.

Here are some popular computer science careers

Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for maintaining collections of data. Although the duties of data scientists vary depending on their industry, they are responsible for creating and maintaining databases that can be used to support analytical processes.

Business Analyst

business analysts’ core responsibility is to maximize financial opportunities, they also handle a broad array of daily tasks, such as analyzing cost benefits, identifying trends, and improving business processes.

Software Engineer

Software engineers design and maintain computer software to meet company needs. Software engineers also test code to ensure that it works.

Database Administrator

Database administrators maintain and organize company datasets. They might also be responsible to configure, security, data backup, and recovery.

Information Technology Specialist

Information Technology specialists provide tech support to users in their organization and assist with network connectivity issues, hardware and software components, and general troubleshooting.

Full-Stack Developer

Data scientistsFull-stack developers ensure functionality on both the front and back ends of a website. They are often proficient in multiple programming languages, and they are involved in strategic planning for any given project.

Web Developer

Web developers use coding languages to create and design websites, focusing on either the front or back end, depending on company needs.


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