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Computer programming degrees often allow students to choose a minor or specialized area. This flexibility allows learners to customize their education for their career goals. Common concentrations include cybersecurity, big data, game development, and mobile applications. Artificial intelligence is another common option. Certain courses help students prepare for certification by covering the required exams. Certifications in computer programming include C++, C++, and Oracle Application Express.

Why get a Computer Programming degree?

You will reap the benefits of investing your time and money in a college degree. Completing a computer programming degree comes with its own set of perks. We highlight five benefits of this degree.

High Salary
According to the BLS, computer programmers earn a median wage that is higher than other professions. The median income for software programmers and computer programmers is $107,510, and $86,550 respectively.
 Computer professionals can work from home many employers allow computer programmers to work remotely because most of the programming is done online. It saves money and time on commutes.
 It’s useful for everyday life computer programming skills are useful for solving technical problems. They also help their friends and families with technical queries.
 The Industry Has a Higher Need for Automation
Companies need people who can develop and maintain new software and programs. According to the BLS, 11% of the job prospects for information technology and computer occupations is projected for 2019-2029.
 Self-employment is possible BLS estimates that 3% of the workforce is self-employed computer programmers. If you are looking to work at your own pace and set your rates, or work wherever you want, you might consider becoming a self-employed computer programmer.

Computer Programming Students: Professional Organizations

Joining professional organizations that align with your career goals is a great way to help students. Professional organizations often host events that keep professionals informed about industry developments. Many times, student members receive discounts from professional organizations. We highlight four professional organizations that offer discounts to students who are interested in becoming computer programmers or software developers.

  • Association For Computing MachineryACM has been working to promote computer programming since 1947. The membership pool of this organization includes more than 100,000 professionals and students. Members have access to a job board and a digital collection. ACM also publishes a student journal and newsletter.
  • Computing Research AssociationThrough research, CRA advances technology professions. Members of CRA have access to resources that can be used for research projects. The Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers Award Program recognizes students who excel in computer research. CRA provides valuable information about selecting graduate programs.
  • International Association of Computer Science and Information TechnologyIACSIT offers a student membership that is affordable and includes a discounted conference admission fee. The international association connects people from all over the globe, so students can learn from mentors of different backgrounds.


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