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Cloud security defined

Cloud security is also known as cloud computing security. It consists of a series of policies, controls, and procedures that all work together to protect cloud-based systems and data. These security measures are designed to protect cloud data and support regulatory compliance. They also protect customers’ privacy and set authentication rules for individual devices and users. Cloud security can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business, from authenticating access to filtering data to controlling traffic. These rules can be managed and configured in one place. IT staff are free to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

Cloud security delivery will vary depending on which cloud provider is used or what cloud security solutions are in use. Implementing cloud security processes should be shared responsibility by the solution provider and business owner.

Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway combines web, cloud, and data security into one service.

Why is cloud security so important?

Strong cloud security is essential for businesses moving to the cloud. Cloud computing poses security threats that are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated. It is important to choose a cloud provider that provides best-in-class security tailored for your infrastructure.

Cloud security has many benefits including:

Centralized security – Just like cloud computing centralizes data and applications, cloud security centralizes security. Many devices and endpoints can make cloud-based business networks difficult to manage, especially when dealing with BYOD or shadow IT. These entities can be managed centrally to improve traffic analysis and Web filtering. It also streamlines the monitoring of network events and reduces the need for software and policy updates. When disaster recovery plans are centrally managed, they can be easily implemented and acted upon.

Lower costs: Cloud storage and security offer many benefits. It eliminates the need for dedicated hardware. This not only reduces capital expenditure but also lowers administrative overheads. Cloud security is a proactive alternative to reactive IT teams that were tasked with addressing security issues. It offers protection 24 hours a day, without the need for human intervention.

Reduced Administration – When you choose a reliable cloud service provider or cloud security platform you can say goodbye to the need for manual security configurations and nearly constant security updates. All of these tasks can be a drain on resources. However, if you move them all to the cloud, security administration is done in one place.

Dependability Cloud computing services provide the highest level of reliability. Cloud security measures ensure that users have safe access to data and applications no matter where or how they use them.

Organizations are increasingly realizing the business benefits of moving to the cloud. Cloud computing gives organizations the ability to scale up, lower technology costs, and utilize agile systems that provide a competitive advantage. Companies must have full confidence in cloud computing security. All data, systems, and applications must be protected against data theft, corruption, and deletion.

Threats can be applied to all cloud models. IT departments are naturally cautious when moving mission-critical systems into the cloud. It is important to have the right security provisions in place, regardless of whether you are using a hybrid cloud, native cloud, or an on-premise environment. Cloud security allows businesses to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud computing, while also remaining secure. It also helps ensure compliance and data privacy.

Secure Data in the Cloud

As we move more of our data, including data centers and business processes to the cloud, cloud data security is becoming increasingly important. Comprehensive security policies, a culture of security, and cloud security solutions are key to ensuring cloud data security.

If you want your company to be protected against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other threats, choosing the right cloud security solution is essential. Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker is a cloud security solution that protects your cloud apps and data prevents account compromises, and lets you set security policies per device.


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