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3 Ways To Fix Cox Mini Box Blinking Green Light


If you’ve been dealing with the Cox Mini Box blinking green light problem, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. In this article, we’ll outline three possible solutions for fixing the blinking green light on Cox Mini Boxes.

Check the Cox modem for power

If the Cox Mini Box is blinking green light, the first step is to check for power. If there is no power to the modem, then the problem may be with the cable or the modem itself. If there is power to the modem, then the next step would be to try resetting it. To reset it, you would need to open the back and remove the CMOS battery. Once you have reset it, you can re-install the CMOS battery and test it out.

Clear the Cox mini box DNS cache

If you are experiencing issues with your Cox mini box, clearing the DNS cache may help.

Whenever you access a website, your computer makes a request to the DNS (Domain Name Service) server to translate the domain name into an IP address. The Cox mini box relies on this process to locate and connect to the webpages you are trying to access.

If there is a problem with the DNS server, your computer won’t be able to make these requests and you will see a blinking green light on your Cox mini box. Clearing the DNS cache can help resolve this issue. To do this, follow these steps:

1. On your computer, open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
2. In the address bar, type “dns://” (without the quotes).
3. Press Enter.
4. In the “Search Results” window, right-click on the first result and select “Properties.”
5. On the tab that says “Server Details,” click on the “DNS Servers” link.
6. In the “IP Address” column, click on theIP address for your Cox mini box.
7. On the tab that says “Status,” click

Reset the Cox mini box

If the Cox mini box is blinking green light, one possible solution is to reset the mini box. To do this, you will need to remove the power cord from the back of the mini box and plug it into an outlet in another room. Once plugged in, press the power button on the back of the mini box. The green light on the front should turn off and the red light should start blinking. After about five minutes, press the power button again to reset the mini box.


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