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Check Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed (8 Fixes)

Are you getting this error message from Windows 10 which says “Check Bluetooth Radio Status: Not Fixed”? What is Bluetooth radio and how do you fix it? Continue reading to learn more.

The Bluetooth radio, which transmits and receives Bluetooth signals, is the first thing to know.

Some PCs do not have a Bluetooth radio built-in. Some users will need to install their Bluetooth radio via a USB dongle.

These are possible causes of Bluetooth radio problems. You may need to look elsewhere for solutions.

We recommend that you follow the steps and then stop when your problem is resolved. Let’s get fixing!

Check Bluetooth Radio Status Not Fixed

1 Turn It On!

Although it seems obvious, many users complain about Bluetooth connectivity even though they have not switched it on.

To enable Bluetooth radio to function, users must double-check that the “Bluetooth” symbol and signal are both active. It is possible that the system bug could cause the “Bluetooth” symbol to be active but there is no signal.

Check whether your Bluetooth signal has been activated.

  • Click on the taskbar, then click the Windows System Tray button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Click the expand link.
  • Check which color is used in the Bluetooth symbol?
  • If the Bluetooth icon is gray it means that your Bluetooth is inactive. Please turn it on.
  • The Bluetooth radio will turn on when the Bluetooth symbol turns blue.

If the above steps don’t solve your Bluetooth radio problem, there may be another issue.

2 Restart Bluetooth Radio

Next, if Bluetooth has been turned on but there are still connectivity issues, you will need to restart your Bluetooth radio.

Your Bluetooth Radio can be restarted at the taskbar by turning it off and back on twice. This will resolve any hardware problems that may be causing the problem.

3) Charge your Battery

It could be that the battery is low. Check the battery status before you start looking at other options.

Low batteries can cause connectivity issues. To determine if your problem is caused by a low battery, charge it or replace it.

4) Restart your PC

Sometimes hardware problems can’t always be identified or explained. Switching your device on and off can cause your Bluetooth radio to restart completely and erase any corrupt data from your computer.

5) Bluetooth Interference and Device Distance

Bluetooth devices also connect via radio waves so any disruption in the signals could cause connectivity issues.

Interruptions may be wireless or physical. As dangerous as brick walls, microwaves can also be disruptive.

If you’ve tried all the steps but still have problems, check to see if there’s a blockage.

Start with looking for obvious objects that might be blocking the Bluetooth signal. Reposition the item, or both devices to see if it works.

If the problem is not obvious, you can use an application or software on your device to identify it.

6) Bluetooth Device drivers

Windows won’t be able to find the correct drivers for your Bluetooth radio. Check the website of the manufacturer to determine if there is a driver for your deviceDownload and install it. This should resolve the problem.

You must regularly upgrade your Windows, as it is intended to automatically search for and install Bluetooth drivers.

Your Windows automatic updates are disabled. To install the latest driver, you will need to manually visit the manufacturer’s site.

To determine if your computer has a Bluetooth device, visit the Windows Device Manager.

  • Right-click on the Windows Start button, and select ‘Device Manager
  • If your Bluetooth device has recognition, it will be listed under the category. It can be found under the “Other Devices” category if it is not recognized.
  • Right-click the device, then click “Update driver” to find a new driver.
  • Click ‘Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software’

Click ‘Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software’ to see if Windows has the right driver for you. For alternative drivers, you can search “Windows Update”

  • To search for alternative drivers, go to ‘Search for Updated Drivers in Windows Update’
  • Open the “Windows Update in Settings” window and click “Check for Updates”.
  • If Windows Update finds a driver update for your device will download it. After the installation and download are completed restart your computer before you try your Bluetooth device again.

Let’s say you manually downloaded the driver from the manufacturer’s website. However, does not include an automatic installer. In this case, go to the manufacturer’s website and click “Browse my Computer for Driver Software” then read and follow the instructions to download it.

7) Re-pair and Remove

You can also try disconnecting the Bluetooth device from your PC. You will need to reconnect the Bluetooth device and fix any issues.

After you have re-pared the Bluetooth devices, make sure to restart your computer.

8) Windows 10 Troubleshooter

Windows 10 also includes a built-in troubleshooter that can help you fix many Bluetooth issues. You can view the Bluetooth radio settings and other settings by clicking on the troubleshooter to identify and resolve issues.

The troubleshooter will check for connectivity issues and notify you if any are found. The troubleshooter will then scan for connectivity issues and inform you.

It doesn’t matter what your problem is. You will be able to trust the troubleshooter.


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