CenturyLink Ethernet Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

CenturyLink is more than just an ISP. CenturyLink has been around for a while now. CenturyLink is one of the most trusted Internet Service Providers, and this allows you to enjoy the best of their services.

They offer their internet services via ethernet cables. The modems and routers they provide have Ethernet connectivity. Here’s what to do if your Ethernet doesn’t work.

CenturyLink Ethernet not working

1 Check out the Coverage

You might suspect that your connection is down if you can’t get the Ethernet light to work on your modem for some reason. First, check the coverage. It is easy to test the coverage by connecting a device such as a laptop to your main Ethernet cable.

You will then be able to determine if there is a problem with your modem, or with the coverage. You will then be able to fix it properly by rearranging the things that aren’t in the correct order.

2 Restart modem

Sometimes, there may be a small glitch or error that is causing the problem. If this happens, it should be simple enough to fix. In such situations, you can simply reboot your modem to restart all of the software and hardware components. You will then be able to see the Ethernet light flashing again on your modem.

Although it might seem like a bad idea, this is something that you should definitely try. It works wonderfully most of the times and can help you solve your problem perfectly.

3 Cables and Connectors

This is because it is often a small thing and most people wouldn’t pay much attention. This is the main reason why you might have problems with your ethernet. This can be fixed by inspecting the cables carefully and making sure that no sharp bends or damage is done to the ethernet cables.

Also, make sure your connector is in good condition and not broken. This will help you tremendously and you can repair the damaged part. You can also try disconnecting the connector once, then plugging it in again.

4) Get Support

If you’re still having trouble understanding why it is happening, then this is the time to reach out to support. Reach out to support to have them assist you. They will examine your account, the connection and all equipment and determine the best solution to help you solve the problem.

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