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Canon M50 wedding photography settings

Photographers of all levels, beginners and professionals, often face significant challenges when photographing wedding ceremonies. This is because they must use multiple aspects of photography in a single day. If you do have a Canon M50, you will still be able to have confidence in your work.

The camera features a single control knob, electronic viewfinder, fully articulated touch screen and a 24MP, APS-C, CMOS sensor. This is Canon M50 wedding photography. The DIGIC 8 processor is also included. It provides extended dual-pixel autofocus coverage for stills as well as 1080p video. You can still get great Canon M50 wedding photos with the recommended settings listed below.

Canon M50 Wedding Photography Tips

Step 1. Manual mode shooting

Since you will be required to photograph the whole ceremony at different venues, it can be challenging to adjust to different lighting conditions. Manual mode is still preferable.

Once you’re covering an outdoor wedding or a beachside wedding where lighting is very harsh, this becomes very important.

Step 2.Setting the shutter speed

Shutter priority mode is recommended when photographing a wedding ceremony. The shutter speed must be set at 1/500th of an second. The shutter speed can also be reduced for photos of couples walking together or sharing an emotion moment.

Step 3.Modifying the aperture settings

You need to be careful when choosing the correct Canon M50 aperture settings for wedding photography. When filming the wedding ceremony, it is best to use a aperture of f/1.4-f/2.8.

A high aperture value is recommended for landscape shots that cover up all the guests and venue.

Step 4.Flash

You will not be able to get the best Canon M50 wedding photography if you don’t know how lights affect your images. Uneven lighting conditions were involved during the wedding ceremony. This is why you need to flash the best shot.

Speaking of the Canon M50, it comes with a built-in flash, but compared to other external flashlights, it’s still not competent enough. It is highly recommended that you purchase an additional flashlight.

Step 5.Additional accessories

You can’t take Canon M50 wedding photos without adding some additional gear, equipment such as a Tripod and a lens.


For Canon M50 wedding photography to be successful, you might need to have all the lenses, batter grips, or other tools in your hands. A Tripod is a great tool to keep handy. A tripod not only provides support for your camera and stabilizes it, but it also helps to eliminate any unnecessary disruptions and problems around it.


It is a must that you have a Canon M50 lens for wedding photography. For wedding photography beginners, you can either use your Canon M50 package, or a fixed 50mm/35 mm lens along with any lens you already have.

However, it is important to stay on the point when choosing the right lens for wedding photography. Now that’s where you can go to catch the location or the visitors with a 24-70 mm f/2.8 zoom lens that works equally well for any requirement, i.e. A close-up shot of the couple.


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