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Canon Eos M50 Best Video Settings


How to Adjust Canon M50 Video Settings

Canon m50 is a powerful camera that produces stunning images. The m50 is packed with many features and it is much cheaper than other models. Canon m50 includes a touch screen that can flip out, high bitrate codec, personal buttons, focus peaking and magnifying. If you’re looking for a great video shoot, then you can play with some of the Canon M50 video settings.

5 Steps to Adjust Canon M50 video Settings

Step 1. Step 1.

Canon M50 Video Setup, initial settings

These settings are the first step towards changing the Canon M50 video settings. Initially, it won’t be visible to you. This is because the beginner’s settings are set as ‘ON’ on Canon m50 by default. Select a menu, then click the Display settings button. You will need to select the menu display option, then choose the standard to turn on the DSLR Classic Canon Menu.

Step 2. Step 2.

Canon M50 Video Settings-Shutter Button change

Use the button to activate the shutter, and then use the recording button. When you are shooting in video mode, the shutter button can be set to the recording button. This prevents the in-built record button from being too difficult. To change the shutter button to the record button, you must go to menu. Select ‘5’ and pick the Btn function. To start or stop recording, you must press the shutter button completely.

Step 3. Step 3.

Video Settings for Canon M50 – Aperture

Video must be shot efficiently if you have power over the aperture You can control the front dial to do this. You can usually monitor the shutter speed using the video mode via the front dial. Instead, you can adjust the front dial to control the aperture. To toggle between front dial controls, click the Exposure or Dpad button. Turn the video mode first. This will enable you to record 4k resolution videos.

Step 4. Enabling focus peaking

Video settings for Canon M50-enable concentration peaking

The Canon m50 screen displays crisp details. However, you can adjust the Canon m50 video settings to make it more detailed. Click on the menu option to enable Concentration Peaking. After that, you will need to choose the camera option. After that, click on the ‘5’ option and choose the settings for MF. You have the option of choosing between high peak and low levels. You can also choose from red or blue color options.

Step 5. Stabilization and IS settings

Video Settings Canon M50: IS/stabilization

The Canon m50 comes with an integrated stabilizer. The stabiliser works entirely on electricity. It will not move the sensor. Instead, your video will be slightly cropped. You can toggle this feature on or off to change the settings for your Canon M50 video. Depending on whether the tripod needs to be turned on or off, it will determine which setting you have. First, open the menu to turn off the built in stabilizer. From there, select the camera option and then choose ‘5’. There will be an option to adjust IS settings. To disable the digital IS option, click on it. While activ mode only captures a small percentage of the video, enhanced mode crops out a substantial portion. It is important to remember this to prevent your video from getting damaged.


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