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Canon Eos 3000d External Mic


Connect External Microphone with Canon EOS 3000D

An external microphone is necessary to produce a consistent, clear sound when taking video with your DSLR camera. This is due to the fact that a DSLR’s internal microphones are not as powerful as the outside ones. It is possible that anyone who has recently purchased the Canon EOS 3000D will encounter this problem. So, with a comprehensive and stepwise tutorial on “how to connect an external microphone to the Canon EOS 3000D” we are here to support you.

Before you begin, ensure you have the followingAmazon 3.5mm soundjack

External Microphone for Canon 3000DExternal Microphone for Canon 3000D

Connecting an External Microphone to Canon 3000D

Step 1.

To place the microphone on top of the camera, loosen the screws. After you have inserted it, tighten it by turning it.

Step 2.

Take the external microphone cable, and connect one end to the microphone to the other to the side. You will see two spots on the left side. Plug in the microphone’s other end to the place denoted as ‘MIC.’

Step 3 (optional).

You can add a windshield to the microphone. This is up to you. It is important to keep the sound low-pitched.

Step 4.

Before you can use the microphone, make sure that your camera has been set up in manual mode. If it is not, you can turn the dial at the top of the camera to put it in Manual Mode.

Step 5.

After setting your camera to manual mode turn it on and then switch to video mode.

Step 6.

Next, click the ‘Menu’ button on the camera to switch to the menu. Next, click on Shoot Configurations. You will get an option on the first page saying ‘Sound Record.’ If your Sound Record option is ‘Disabled’ by default, then make sure to switch it on ‘Auto’ or ‘Manual.’ So the sound will be picked up by the microphone.
Now you’re done. Yes, your external microphone can be attached to your 3000D Canon EOS.

Tips For Better Sound Quality

These tips will help ensure that your microphone produces a clear sound. Pick a quality microphone. That’s it. You will get the best audio from the microphone.
Don’t keep your camera far too far from the sound source. These are the obvious explanations. If the sound source is too far away then the microphone will pick up music that is not clear.

Zooming in and out of your microphone is not a good idea. Microphones can pick up the sound of your lens zooming in or out.


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