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Can Not Find Client To Send Scan To Email


Can Not Find Client To Send Scan To Email – Before We Get Into The Topic, let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

 How to set up scan to email on HP printers?

Once you have it set up, you can use it. registered the following to the printer: Take a look at the scan then, send an email scan function. Your email address is usually pre-filled in theToAndStarting at Field. It is easy to send the scanned documents to your mailbox as an attachment.

These steps will allow users to scan and send emails to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 accounts. As described in Microsoft documentation, the steps are following option 2: How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

  1. Sign in using a new browser window.Microsoft 365 admin center(admin.microsoft.com).
  2. Select the option you want from the navigation menu
  3. ChooseSettingsAnd thenDomains.
  4. DNS records tab select your domain. Exemple:acme.com
  5. Record the MX record points TO ADDRESSvalue In step 9, you will need to have the MX record.
  1. Go to the web page of your printer.register as Administrator
  2. the digital Send/Scan tab select email setup the menu

The sectionOutgoing Email ServersSelectAdd…

choose to have the hostname or address of my SMTP server. Type the value that you have obtained in step 5.

choose next

enter the information required to connect to the server configured the following:

    • InPort NumberLeave the value at 25
    • InSplit email if the file is larger than (MB). Leave the value at 0.
    • Check obtainable SMTP SSL/TLS protocol and then, uncheckValidate the certificate for outgoing connections.
    • ChooseNext.

ChooseServer does not require authentication

choose next.

server usage only checks the functions that you will be using.

choose next.

  1. send a Test EmailType a company email address (Example: John.Smith@acme.com() and selectTry it!.
  2. ChooseFinish.

*Email may be sent to junk mail folders of recipients. This can be avoided by visiting your domain registrar’s website to correct your DNS records. Your public IP address should be included in your sender policy framework record (SPF). Refer to Microsoft documentation: Step-by-step instructions for direct send.

*Your email may not have arrived. Check your junk/spam mail folder if your email did not arrive. Also see: How to troubleshoot scans to email.

  1. Check outAllow scanning to email.
  2. Next, configure whether email fields should be pre-filled or editable. We recommend:
    • starting at: SelectSign-is required to access user’s addressUncheckUser editable.
  1. ChooseApply.


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