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Can I Record Shows On Playstation Vue


In recent years, TV streaming services have replaced cable TV. Sling TV and DirecTV Now are the most popular entertainment options.

PlayStation Vue, another streaming service, has been very popular even though it was only recently launched.

PlayStation Vue, a subscription-based streaming television service, offers more than 40 entertainment channels. This includes the top channels such as ESPN, Disney, TNT and TNT.

PlayStation Vue is accessible from many devices, including your smartphone, PlayStation console and computer.

The best thing about the app is that you can record your favourite shows and then watch them later, so you don’t miss anything.

For those just beginning to use PlayStation Vue, we have all the information that you need.

Can I DVR on Vue with

Yes, you can. PlayStation Vue offers a DVR function that allows you to save and record your favorite shows up to 28 days.

Once the recording function is set up on compatible devices, all new episodes, as well as selected episodes, will be automatically recorded and stored on Cloud DVR.

Sign in to PlayStation Vue to access the recorded shows. Navigate to “My DVR” to select the show that interests you.

Can I watch PS Vue anywhere?

PlayStation Vue is available in all US areas. You will need to enter your zip code when you create an account. This will be your “home” area.

PlayStation Vue content is available in your area.

When you travel, you will only be able to stream local programming from the place you are visiting.

You can view your PlayStation DVR clips from anywhere in the US if you have local programming that you have pre-recorded. Go to “My DVR”, on your PS Vue account.

While you are traveling, local programming cannot be recorded.

What devices can you use to access Vue

To sign up for PlayStation Vue or stream content, you don’t even need a console.

You can access the content through a variety devices, including:

  • PlayStation consoles (3 & 4)
  • Roku TV
  • Android devices (Android 5.0 or higher)
  • iOS devices (iOS 9 and higher)
  • Personal computers
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire
  • Android TV
  • Google Chromecast

These devices can be used to stream or watch recorded shows. PlayStation Vue accounts are available on up to five devices. This allows everyone to enjoy their favorite TV shows.

You are able to watch PS Vue on your smartphone.

PlayStation Vue can be viewed from your smartphone. Download the PlayStation Vue App to stream the service from your smartphone on Android or iOS.

You can also access PlayStation Vue from your internet-enabled smartphone by visiting www.psvue.com/watchIf your phone supports streaming.


You might be wondering how to watch recorded shows on PlayStation Vue. It’s easy.

To set up the recording feature included with the PlayStation streaming service, you can use any compatible PS Vue. You can then access recorded shows anywhere in the US with your DVR library.

No matter where you are, whether you’re on vacation or working, you can still keep up with your favorite TV shows.


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