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Can Avast Scan Emails – Before We Get Into The Topic , Let’s Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

How to Disable Avast For My Mail?

Avast all versions have a Mail Shield function that scans your email account, including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, for spam or phishing messages that could compromise your sensitive information. It immediately blocks any such email it finds. Avast can also block outgoing emails if it suspects that there is suspicious activity. You can temporarily disable Avast’s Mail Shield if it blocks legitimate email from clients or prevents yours from sending emails. While the Mail Shield is disabled, security solutions will not be able to protect you against malicious attachments.

1.Double-click the Avast icon in the system tray to open it. Or click the Avast tile on the Desktop.

2.To open Avast Settings, click “Settings” on the left navigation pane. Next, click the “Active Protection” tab for a list of active protection components.

3.To disable Mail Shield, click the “On” button near the component. You can temporarily disable the component by choosing “Stop for 10 mins,” “Stop for 1 hour”, or “Stop until computer restarts.”

4.To close the Avast Settings window, click “OK”. The shield can be checked by looking at Avast’s main window. You will see the words “You Are Unprotected” on a red background.

Mail Shield Settings

Mail Shield scans your outgoing and incoming email messages for potential threats. Only messages that were sent or received with mail management software such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook are subject to scanning. These settings can be accessed by clicking Menu > Settings and then navigating to Protection > Core Shields.

Turn this shield on/off

Inbound email scanning (POP3, IMAP4): indicate if Mail Shield should scan all incoming emails sent via an SSL/TLS encrypted connection

Check outbound email (SMTP): indicate if Mail Shield should check all outbound mail sent via SSL/TLS encrypted connections

Add signature to emails sent: contains a message for the receiver in outgoing emails. This confirms that the email has been scanned and cleared of malware.

Add a mark to the subject for mail containing viruses: Specify a word or phrase that will be automatically added to any virus-containing email.

Attachment scan (Microsoft Outlook only). Enable Mail Shield to scan any outgoing attachments in Microsoft Outlook



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