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Bypass Fios Battery Backup


4 Ways To Bypass FIOS Battery Backup

Verizon¬†FiOS has developed many advanced technologies over the years, but they’ve now created a backup battery. This battery provides backup power to enable telephone services to be used. The 110V AC also contains a BBU component. The ONT will not work if the BBU isn’t plugged in and the battery is dead. FiOS will also stop working if the BBU is unplugged.

There are ways to bypass FIOS Battery Backup

1. Resetting the Verizon Battery Backup

Unplugging your battery backup unit requires that you disconnect the power cord from the BBU. You will need to wait for at least 30 seconds or one minute before plugging the cord into the wall outlet. The FiOS TV services will return to normal if the ONT (Optical Network Terminal), is reset.

2. Verizon FiOS Battery Disposal

Many people are wondering if they could get rid of their batteries from Verizon. For all of those consumers, the answer is yes. They can recycle their unused phones and rechargeable batteries at the retail stores. These stores will accept rechargeable batteries for recycling.

3. Stopping the Beep

There are high chances that the FiOS will continue to beep after replacing the backup battery. Customers have complained about the constant beeping and are desperate to find solutions. The first thing to do is to disconnect the battery. This will allow the backup unit to stop trying for you for replacement.

The FiOS hardware will have a profound impact on the outcome. If the hardware was installed before 2013, the backup unit can be programmed to silence the alarms for battery replacement. You might have to remove the battery. You can pull out the battery if you have an older programming or backup unit.

Although it’s not certain if it will work or not, sometimes it does. So try your luck. If the battery pulling fails, you may need to contact Verizon for a replacement. The replacement is free if the backup device was an early-generation model.

Verizon had promised earlier that subscribers would have fiber-optic broadband service, but they also allow them to use their corded phones in the event of a power cut. FiOS will not have copper wire services if you use it with the central offices. It means you won’t get electricity.

Verizon offers FiOS boxes with the 12-volt lead acid battery and the battery backup unit for users who wish to conserve power. These batteries can last between two and four years depending on the temperature. It will last approximately four years if it is placed in a dry, cool place.

Verizon discontinued its battery backup services over the years because customers no longer want to invest large sums of money in battery backups. This is because smartphones and tablets can be used extensively, whereas a battery backup is required in case of power failure.

4. The Battery Alarm can be silenced

Verizon uses the voice-over IIP protocol to show that they use the internet service to offer voice communication. Verizon offers battery backup services to provide service in the event of power failure. If the battery runs out, the alarm will sound a warning.

Because they will never replace the battery free of charge, the replacement cost will be around $30. The replacement may be free if the warranty is still valid for a year. To get rid of the alarm, you can take it out from the backup battery unit. The backup battery can be removed so that the phone service is not interrupted in the event of a power cut.

You will need to use smoke signals, smartphones or telegrams in order to use phone services. The TV and telephone services will not be available if the battery isn’t removed and fully charged. This is because backup power cannot be used for anything other than what it was intended.


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