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Get a University of London Computer Science degree and use your creativity to create in-demand technology.

A world-class online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc), from the University of London, opens the doors to highly sought-after careers in technology. You will learn how to solve complex problems and improve your creativity and computing skills. You will develop technical and transferable skills through a hands-on, project-based approach that will allow you to have a rewarding career in your chosen field.

  • Choose from one of seven cutting-edge topics. You can choose from Machine Learning and AI or Data Science.
  • You can build a portfolio that supports your career. You will learn computing skills with strong mathematics and programming focus. Additionally, you will need to be able to manage projects and work in a team. To present to employers, create a portfolio.
  • Develop the technical and transferable skills necessary for a career working in high-growth sectors. You can choose from entry-level topics to more specialized topics. Do you have a degree in something other than computer science? This curriculum will allow you to improve your marketable skills and compete in computing by using commercial applications. Flexible degree programs are available for those with busy schedules. Online learning is possible.
  • A university with a global reputation can award a degree. The University of London was established in 1836 by the Royal Charter. It is an internationally recognized learning institution. URL currently hosts over 120,000 students in London and another 50,000 abroad studying in 180 countries.


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