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Brother Printer Leaving Roller Marks On Paper


Brother Printer Leaves Roller Marks on Paper – This is what we see: “brother printer leaves black marks along the edge of paper”

Brother Printer Makes Marks on the Edge Of Paper

Attached clips, sheet dust or wet glue solids through labels, encases, and other means could all be involved. These can all affect the quality of your print and lead to a decrease in quality. Black marks on the edge of paper from a Brother printer – This is caused by your printer’s toner sticking to the printer base. Black dots will appear on printed pages.

Are you looking for a solution to Brother Printer Black Smudges on paper? These steps will solve your problem.

How can I fix Brother printer that leaves marks around the edges of my paper

Step 1 The Brother machine prints well when the value on the Printer Settings page doesn’t get blurred or sprayed, and there aren’t any scratches or dots.

If the quality of the Printer Settings page isn’t blurry or stained, even if there are Brother Printer Black Smudges on Paper, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Verify the Printer Setup to ensure the proper placement of dots (e.g. 1.5 or 3.0 inches).

Black marks on edges of paper by Brother Printer – This can be caused by dry glue, labels, paper objects or staple clips or paper stuck to the drum or damaged.

If there are any buildups or holds on certain areas of the drum, Brother Printer will leave black marks along the edge of the paper. Brother Printer can leave black marks on the edge of the paper if there is a buildup or hold to certain areas.

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Step 3 You want to perform these functions on your drum unit

  • Take off the Brother Printer’s front cover, and then select the drum unit.
  • Next, remove the drum’s cartridge of toner by pressing down on its bottom. The toner will now be less concentrated.
  • Now turn the drum machine upside down.
  • Switch the gear on the white drum unit to the side when you are looking at the drum roller at its highest.
  • Next, examine the drum’s surface for any material or marks. You can then examine each layer by turning the drum gear.
  • Clean the entire world to remove the Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On The Edge Of Paper When Printing It is simple to remove the roller. To clean the drum’s top, use an alcohol-soaked cotton swab and a medical pad.
  • Before proceeding, make sure that all alcohol has been removed from the drum surface. It is a good idea to inspect the drum surface regularly for any areas that might need cleaning.
  • Next, turn the drum unit upside down. Next, clean the drum unit’s corona wire. Move the green tab at its top slowly from the bottom to move it a few times. The drum unit should be repaired by restoring the green tab to its original position.

Brother printers have the latest cutting tools to meet corporate needs at work and home. Everyone has seen the devastating effects of a printer not working. You should not value the Brother Printer that leaves marks on top of paper. There are steps you can take to fix the problem right away.

The most common explanation for Brother Printer Smudges on Paper is a worldwide material.


If you have the Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks on the Edge of the Paper Problem and the dots are still visible on the page, check the drum section for lost toner.

The problem may be with your electrostatic printer, and you need to replace it. It’s the easiest solution to your Brother Printer Black Smudges on Paper or Brother Printer Marks On The Edge Of Paper issue.


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