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What is a Master’s Degree in Computer Science?

Computer science master’s degrees prepare graduates for high-paying careers in information technology (IT) and computer science. Computer scientists create new technologies for solving problems in healthcare, education, and science.

Computer and information researcher scientist, computer and IT systems manager, and a computer hardware engineer are all possible jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 15% job growth rate, much faster than average, for computer and information research scientists from 2019-2029.

This page lists the top computer science master’s degrees. This page also discusses what to expect from a typical master’s degree in computer science, possible careers for graduates, as well as how to select the right school.

The 2021 Top Computer Science Schools Master’s Degree Programs

This list highlights the 15 top computer science master’s programs of 2021. It is intended to assist learners in choosing the right school. Click the link to find out how we rank master’s programs in computer science.

1.University of California

The University of California Los Angeles is a public land-grant university. It has 15 Nobel laureates and 15 Macarthur Fellows. UCLA technology has a significant impact on many industries.

Computer Science MS

The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering’s MS degree in computer science is one of the best computer science master’s programs in the country. Full-time study on campus is required. This 36-credit program covers topics such as artificial intelligence and programming languages and systems, computational system biology, databases, and other related subjects. The thesis, comprehensive examination, and capstone project are the final requirements for students to complete their degree.

The 14% acceptance rate for the competitive master’s program in computer science is impressive. Potential 2021-22 students, especially those form underrepresented backgrounds, might be eligible for a DeepMind fellowship. Masters candidates may also be eligible for funding via grants and fellowships from institutions and other sources.

UCLA Application

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited regional university is required. Three recommendation letters, a statement about the purpose, and a personal statement are required for all applicants. UCLA does not require GRE scores to be admitted for the 2021-22 admissions cycle.

A Program at a Glance

Type of School: Public
Tuition$17,486/year in-state; $32,588/year out of state
Credits are required36 Credits
Program Length: 6 quarters
Delivery Format On-campus

2.University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis was founded in 1908. It has nearly 40,000 students and 102 majors. The NCAA Division I includes UC Davis’s athletic teams.

Master of Science in Computer Science

The College of Engineering at UC Davis offers a master’s degree in computer science. It focuses on computer science theory and architecture as well as systems and applications. There are two options for a capstone. The plan I participants write a thesis. Plan II participants must complete a master’s exam or project. Most degree-seekers complete the program within two years.

This 36-credit program includes courses in machine learning, discovery, information visualization, advanced computers graphics, and computer-aided geometry design. Research projects led by faculty can explore topics such as augmented reality, artificial Intelligence in Health Research, and computational Geometry.

Apply to UC Davis

The requirements include a transcript from undergraduate, three recommendation letters, a personal statement, and a purpose statement. Computer architecture, operating systems, and theoretical foundations are required skills.

A Program at a Glance

Type of School: Public
Tuition$3,814/quarter in-state; $8,848/quarter out of state
Credits are required36 Credits
Program Length: 5-6 quarters
Delivery Format On-campus

3.University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley was founded in 1868. It maintains a 17.8 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio. Berkeley’s innovations include earthquake science research, the Free Speech Movement, and a treatment for malaria.

Master of Science in Computer Science

Berkeley’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences offers an online master’s program in computer science that is two years long and does not require a GRE. Berkeley Benchmarking and Optimization Group and Berkeley Emerging Technologies Research are just a few of the many computer science labs and research centers that the university has.

The curriculum covers topics like the beauty and joy in computing, information device design, human-machine coevolution, robotic manipulation and interaction, and information device and system design. Students who graduate can choose to complete a thesis or a master’s project. Transfer students may apply up to four quarter units or six-semester units toward the degree.

Berkeley Application

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum 3.0-grade point average from an accredited college. Three recommendation letters, a statement about purpose, a personal story, and a resume must be submitted.

A Program at a Glance

Type of School: Public
Tuition$5,721/semester in-state; $13,272/semester out of state
Required Credits24 Credits
Program Length:2 years
Delivery Format On-campus

4.University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a public research institution that was established in 1848. It generates $1.2 million in annual research expenses. UW offers more than 200 undergraduate and 250 graduate programs.

Master of Science in Computer Sciences

The UW Computer Sciences Department was established in 1964. It is the second oldest department in the United States. UW computer science researchers have been awarded competitive grants by organizations such as the National Science Foundation or the Department of Defense. Research by faculty is also supported by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Computer science majors have the opportunity to network and present at conferences. The strong alumni network in computer science at UW is also a benefit. The majority of UW computer science MS students receive financial support from the university, which includes fellowships and research or teaching assistantships.

Apply to the UW

Letters of recommendation, personal statements, transcripts, and a resume/CV are required for all applicants. While the program suggests that applicants submit GRE scores, it does not require them to be submitted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Program at a Glance

Type of School: PublicAccreditationHLC
Tuition$12,220/year in state; $25,548/year out of state; $19,052/year for residents of Minnesota
Required Credits30 Credits
Delivery Format On-campus

5.University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is located in Storrs and serves more than 32,000 students each year. It also offers 17 graduate degrees. UConn students received $551.7 Million in financial aid in 2020.

MS in Computer Science and Engineering

UConn offers a 30-credit master’s degree in computer science. Students have the option of completing a thesis or a coursework-only degree. Students can choose to do a design-based or research-based thesis. While the design thesis is focused on the design, implementation, and documentation of a computing platform, the research thesis addresses a theoretical problem.

The computer science and engineering MS is typically completed in two to three semesters. Many master’s students work as research assistants or teachers while they complete their degrees. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering promotes diversity and inclusion by organizing events for underrepresented groups within the field.

Apply to UConn

For admission to the program, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and two recommendation letters. They also need GRE scores (waived in 2020-21 academic years) and preparation in mathematics and computing. Candidates must also be eligible for the five-year research, teaching, or teaching track.

A Program at a Glance

Type of School: Public
Tuition$8,454/semester in state; $19,410/semester out of state; $13,902 for regional students
Credits are required30 Credits
Program Length: 2-4 semesters
Delivery Format On-campus

Computer Science Masters – Jobs

Computer science master’s graduates can pursue many well-paid IT and computer science careers.

Computer science professionals are highly paid due to their technical expertise and advanced knowledge. Computer network architects made a median annual salary in May 2019 of $112,690. Information research scientists earned $122,840 annually. The median annual salary for computer and information system managers was $146,360.

We have listed below possible career paths for graduates. This includes typical job duties, salary, career outlook, and why a computer science degree can be so valuable.


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