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The Best Free Streaming Software

The Streaming Site allows you to upload, broadcast and store your game. Twitter, Twitch, Twitter (DLive, BigoLive), and many other streaming sites are all examples. These channels allow anyone to stream live gaming, but they require a program in order to put together all the content.

Streaming Software is a software program to encode software. It is essential for live broadcasting. It converts audio and video inputs into digital formats that are compatible with many formats for playback.

Computer encoders come in a variety of formats, including basic streaming and more complex encoders. These encoders allow you to use multiple camera lenses, add graphics on the fly, combine audio sources and much more. Rates will vary depending on what features you choose.

We’re not going to worry about all those pricey ones in this post, though. You’ve got your costly machine installations already, let’s try not to waste any more cash. Here are the best streaming apps that you can use for live streaming gaming.

OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software Studio, or OBS Studio, is both a screen recording and editing device that allows you to make smooth broadcasts. The most interactive, free and completely free live streaming application and screen recorder for gamers. OBS Studio lets you record your games and combine images on your computer. It can also allow you to change almost every aspect of your streams.

OBS may seem more complicated if you are new to this type of program. It might take some time to get used to it. However, you can always practice it. You might first try mixing stuff on a prerecorded video, before you go in and do it live. This will allow you to get familiar with the app and how it works.

Compatible for Windows, Linux, MacOS. Twitch and many other streaming sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Hitbox, Facebook, and others are supported.

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is a more friendly version of OBS Studio (SLOBS). SLOBS’s interface is more user-friendly than OBS Studio and offers streamers an alternative. You still have access to the same functionality as the original OBS. The CPU and memory usage are also lower than other streaming platforms.

It is free to download and offers a simpler process than OBS. You can choose from a wide range of themes to set up your stream. It includes widgets, text-to-speech, website integration, and everything else you’ll need to stream your game on Twitch, YouTube, or other streaming platforms. It also has a mask system that allows the audience to dress up and donate. It has more features, higher success rates, and a better user interface. The Beta version of this program runs only on Windows. Bootcamp however allows you to access Streamlabs OBS Mac.

Nvidia Shadowplay

This is the ideal app to record your games if you have an Nvidia Graphics Cards. ShadowPlay, now called NVIDIA Share by NVIDIA, is an easy-to use gaming recording and streaming interface. This allows you to increase the bitrate and resolution of your footage and improve its quality.

It is a powerful, yet simple-to-use feature which provides decent performance for low to mid-range computers compared to streaming services. It has a significant advantage because it encodes more than what the GPU can do. Even though it encodes at a higher rate of speed, it doesn’t affect the CPU’s efficiency. However, it does not compress the files. This can make them larger and force you to upload with higher bandwidth.

You can save your last 30 minutes of gameplay by touching the hotkey. With Nvidia Shadowplay, you can stream your games quickly on Twitch and Facebook Live. NVIDIA shadowplay is not compatible with all games. ShadowPlay supports only games that use Direct3D and not OpenGL.

Go to NVIDIA GeForce Experience > Preferences > ShadowPlay to record OpenGL and enable the Allow Desktop Capture feature. ShadowPlay will now be available on your Windows desktop and any OpenGL games that are running in a browser.

Game streaming requires a powerful CPU. It is an asset for game players as it allows recorder software to work without interference or loading problems.


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