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Backup Text For Whatsapp Decrypt Error 2


Backup Text for Whatsapp Decrypter Error 2 – Let’s first learn some basics about this topic

How to fix Backup Text for Whatsapp “Decrypt Error 2”, or “Can’t Find Database error”, How to backup your conversations easily

I needed to backup my Whatsapp conversations to the hard drive. “Backup text from Whatsapp” was my favorite program to backup Whatsapp conversations. It caused “Decrypt error 2”. The program doesn’t work with the latest version of Whatsapp. I am using the latest Whatsapp version 2.11.399. This is a common problem. I emailed programmers, and they said that I needed to manually import the data from my internal memory card. It was painful. I needed an easy solution. I started to search for an easier solution.

After many failures and much struggle, I finally found the right solution.

These are the things you will need:

  • Whatsapp Omnicrypt
  • Backup text to Whatsapp and Sms Backup +

Take steps:

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Install Whatsapp Omnicrypt from the Play Shop. Click on Decrypt Whatsapp Database. This will convert your database to a familiar format that can be used for backup text to Whatsapp.

Send backup text to Whatsapp It will show you how many discussions are active and identify them. Click OK to choose the format that you prefer.


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