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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing allows you to access IT resources on-demand over the Internet at a pay-as-you-go price. Instead of purchasing, maintaining, and buying physical servers and data centers, cloud computing allows you to access technology services such as storage and computing power on an as-needed basis through a cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Who uses cloud computing?

Cloud computing is being used by organizations of all sizes and industries for many purposes, including data backup, disaster recovery, and email. Healthcare companies use the cloud to create more customized treatments for their patients. The cloud is being used by financial services companies to enable fraud prevention and detection in real-time. Video game developers are also using the cloud to distribute online games to millions around the globe.

Cloud computing has many benefits


Cloud technology gives you quick access to many technologies, allowing you to innovate faster and create almost anything you can think of. You can quickly create resources, from infrastructure services like storage and compute to the Internet of Things, machine learning, data lakes, and analytics.

Technology services can be deployed in minutes and implemented much faster than ever before. This allows you to be creative, test new ideas, differentiate customer experiences, and transform your business.


Cloud computing means that you don’t need to provision too many resources to meet future business demands. Instead, you only need to provide what you use. These resources can be scaled up or down instantly to meet your business’s changing needs.

Cost savings

Cloud computing allows you to trade capital costs (such as physical servers) for variable expenditures, and you only pay for it as you use it. Because of economies of scale, variable expenses are often much less than what you would spend to do it yourself.

Global deployment in minutes

Cloud computing allows you to expand your reach and quickly deploy worldwide. AWS infrastructure is available all around the globe, so your application can be deployed in any location you choose with just a few clicks. Application deployments that are closer to users improve the user experience and reduce latency.

Cloud computing types

There are three types of cloud computing: Infrastructure as a Service (Platform as a Service), Software as a Service (Software as a Service), and Software as a Service (Infrastructure as a Service). Cloud computing offers different levels of control, flexibility, and management, so you can choose the best set of services to suit your needs. Find out more

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS provides the foundation for cloud IT. It usually provides access to network features, computers (virtual and on dedicated hardware), as well as data storage space. IaaS offers the greatest flexibility and management control of your IT resources. It is very similar to existing IT resources, which are used by many IT departments and developers.

Platform as a Service

PaaS eliminates the need to manage the underlying infrastructure, usually operating systems and hardware. This allows you to concentrate on the deployment and management of your applications. You can be more efficient by not having to worry about resource procurement, capacity planning, or patching.

Software as a Service (SaaS).

SaaS is a service that provides a complete product, which is managed and run by the service provider. SaaS is most commonly used to refer to end-user applications, such as web-based emails. SaaS doesn’t require you to worry about the infrastructure or maintenance of the service. Only think about how you’ll use the software.

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